22 October 2008

Robbed by Shell

The weather has been scorching hot the past one week. Which made my daily walk to Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) for lunch a rather wet affair. You see, by the time I reach PIM, I'd be drenched in my own sweat. Which leave patches of wet spots on my light coloured office shirt. Which in turn would draw stares from the people at the mall.

We Asians just don't consider it rude to stare at others do we? Maybe they could make out the face of SBY (Mr. President) from the patches on my shirt. Or Elvis. Or a map of Java. Beats me.

Today, to avoid from being on the receiving end of the evil-looking stares, I wore a dark coloured office shirt. Now they won't be able to enjoy the sweat patches on my shirt unless of course for some strange reason, my glands produce white coloured sweat.

And what do yo know. It rained and the weather is so much cooler.

Ok. Straight to the reason of this entry.

I am really upset. Shell has robbed me of my pedestrian walkway. It wasn't a nice walkway to begin with, but hey, at least it made my daily walk to PIM safer.

But yesterday, Shell has denied me that. They're constructing a fuel station and blocked the stretch of pedestrian footpath in front of the site.

Now, I have to walk on the street and be cautious of the busy traffic.

Ok.Ok. Long before I was robbed by Shell, there have been other equally guilty parties as well.

On a different note, feel free to drop by Betty's blog here. She's an Australian expat who had just recently moved to Jakarta. And she takes exceptionally beautiful photos.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and the compliment!

It's so difficult to find footpath space here... There's always something on it, whether it's cars, food vendors, parked motorcycles, who knows what else...

Hopefully they will reopen your overpass soon!