12 October 2008

Iftar At Rebung

On the 27th day of Ramadhan, the whole family went to Rebung for iftar. Rebung is co-owned by a celebrity chef and Malaysia's first man in space (who was there and sat behind our table).

If I were the co-owner of the reastaurant, I would make an effort to go from one table to another and do a short greeting to my customers. A good PR exercise I believe. Rather than mingle only with those at my table. Rather snobbish, don't you think?

Those who want to try authentic Malay kampung dishes should visit Rebung. The food in general was good. I'm not a food lover so please don't ask me what's the must-try dish there.

The only downside to Rebung was the service. None of the waiters were warm and friendly (they probably pick this up from the co-owner.. hehe). Seriously, even the staff at Jakarta's KFC are more pleasant!


leez said...

beb...nanti restaurant baru aku dah siap, aku lantik ko jadi PR exec yekkk. :)

peanutbutter said...

suruh dia bukak restaurant kat bulan pulak sesuai le dgn watak ke'snobbish'annya tu.