19 March 2009

Feelin' Jazzy

Almost a month with no updates.

As usual, I'm using the all too familiar excuse - busy and hectic schedule. But, this time, it is true in every sense of the words.

My boss has gone back to Malaysia for good. My ever trusted assistant has left the company. I had to adjust to doing everything at the office all by myself, except for operational field works.

If my operational staff decide to follow the footsteps of my assistant, then, there is a big chance of you seeing me under the billboards in some parts of Jakarta.

The adapting phase is over - hence the time to write this posting.

Java Jazz 2009 - Brilliant!

What made it more marvellous was the fact someone sponsored my 3 Day pass. He came all the way from KL with a friend and asked me to join them throughout the 3 day jazz event.

He, shall remain anonymous because ... errr... dia pemalu. Lets call him Mr Anon.

But before deciding to come over for Java Jazz, Mr Anon asked me on the availability of Laura Fygi's special show tickets. The overconfident me told him not to worry. There were still plenty of tickets available - without even checking with the ticket box.

In Malaysia we call this act as konfiden maut.

Later that same day, he bought the flight ticket to Jakarta.

Firstly. Laura Fygi??? Yes. My ticket sponsor was born in a different decade than yours truly.

Secondly, you should see the horror in my face at the Societie cd store the next day when I was told all special show tickets were sold out.

Gave a call at the Java Jazz hotline. Same answer.

I then pushed all panic buttons. SOS to as many friends possible. Some I have not even SMS in a loooong time. Nelpon ... jauh sekali. I didn't care. I was on a muka tak malu mode to save my ass.

To cut a long story short, a gym friend of mine said he'd be able to get Laura Fygi's tickets. And those tickets were delivered to me a day before the actual concert day.

See. Ada untungnya being friendly at the gym.

Friday 6th March. Around 5 pm while getting prepared to leave for JCC, Mr Anon complained of chest pains. Now that got us all worried. Seriously worried.

Mr Anon said that he didn't have a heart history. But, we insisted on taking him for a check-up anyway. The nearest hospital was RSMPH. Just for info, RSMPH is owned by Kumpulan Perubatan Johor.

Half an hour later we were at the Unit Gawat Darurat. Mr Anon's ECG and BP were taken. All the while I stood beside the bed acting as the translator.

Then, the doctor summoned me. He said the ECG reading was normal but the BP was a bit high. He gave a prescription for Mr Anon. He said Mr Anon should go home and get some rest. I told the good doctor Mr Anon came all the way from KL to watch Java Jazz and he's been talking about it since a month ago. You tell him yourself.

Well, doctors orders or not, Mr Anon was determined not to miss Java Jazz. We arrived at JCC 45 minutes later.

A bit on RSMPH. I think the interior designer for the hospital was the same person who did Dufan. Have you ever seen the colour card from a paint store? You could find every single colour on that card being used all over the hospital.

You'd feel weird once you enter the hospital. It's like being in a sterile theme park.

Java Jazz. First Day:

Ivan Lins - stayed barely half an hour because of the annoying technical glithes.
Alex Ligertwood and David Garfield - superb vocals from Mr Ligertwood!
Mike Stern featuring Dave Weckl - outstanding guitar play by Mike Stern.

We then squeezed ourselves through to the merchandise booth. It was only the first day but the better looking t-shirts were already sold out.

Oh... Mr Anon felt a lot better after taking the medication given by the doctor.

Second Day:

My guests went to JCC earlier as I had to meet my uncle who was stopping by in Jakarta before heading to Bandung for a golf trip. I joined them at Exhibition Hall B where RAN was about to perform. Intrigued by the large crowd waiting for RAN, Mr Anon and his friend decided to stay on. RAN went on stage and midway through their second song Mr Anon gestured to leave for other shows. Not his cuppa I guess.

I told them to check out Tohpati and Dewa Budjana while I queue for the Laura Fygi show. I watched the duo performed at Black Cats a month ago and they were awesome.

So there I was, alone, in the front pack of the long queue. Suddenly, a lone bule lady (orang putih to you Malaysians) made her way to three people in front of me. An official tried to stop her but she said she was in the queue earlier but had to leave to the ladies.

Bullshit, of course. I never left my spot and had not seen her there before. The official gave in without much hesitation. I was amazed that the person in front did not mutter a word of protest. I, on the other hand, was puting my anger management to practise. Deep breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe in, and out.

You lucky fibbing bule!

Laura Fygi was superb. I have to admit I was not familiar with her songs, but her repertoire that night was entertaining.

We ended the night over roti canai, maggi goreng and teh tarik at Jln. Jaksa's KL's Village.

Final Day:

My guests managed to catch Paebo Bryson before leaving for the airport. I rushed from the airport to JCC again to watch Maliq and d'Essentials. But before that, I did try to catch Abdul and The Coffee Theory but the hall was already full.

So, decided to head to Exhibition Hall B to get a good spot for Maliq. Apparently I was there a tad too early. Soil and Pimp from Japan was slated to perform before Maliq.

I stayed on. Soil and Pimp was simply fantastic! There was this guy in the group who doesn't play any instrument dressed like a ... you got it right, a Bukit Bintang pimp!

Maliq was good. And the only show during the entire Java Jazz which I could sing along to the songs. Get their new album. It's brilliant!

Oh.. I gave away my Sunday ticket which I bought earlier to a friend. I was so tempted to be a calo by selling it at the JCC entrance. It seemed these calo were everywhere. On the final day while queing at the main entrance, two pretty ladies next to me were negotiating for a couple of Brian McKnights tickets with a calo. All of a sudden, the guy in front of us turned around and offered the same tickets at a slightly lower price. And, he's not even a full time calo. He was there with his GF. He said it just so happen that he got extra complimentary special show tickets.

Some people are just lucky. And I had to sent out SOS for Laura Fygi's tickets.

I'll upload photos from Java Jazz soon. If I feel rajin. Been humming Michael Buble's Home. I guess you know what kinda mood I'm in now.