15 October 2008

An Evening In Bukit Bintang

It has been 2 years since I last set foot in Bukit Bintang. 2 years might not be long enough for Siti Nurhaliza to bear a child, but it is long enough for YTL to deliver us a new mall.

On what was previously Bukit Bintang Girls School, now stood an ultra modern shopping mall (as if Bukit Bintang needed a new one) called Pavilion.

Peanutbutter was my guide for the evening.

Ini malam lu ikut wa jialan2.

Actually, we didn't plan on eating but since we entered Pavilion through its foodcourt, we felt hungry instantly.

Foodrepublic - Pavilion's foodcourt

ToastBox came to the rescue.

The cost for 2 person Rp35,000. I bet you could not get it this cheap in Jakarta's overpriced foodcourts.

They serve delicious kaya on toast and soft buns. Not to forget my all time (recent) favourite white coffee.

We then crossed over to the adjacent mall. Starhill. Peanutbutter took me to the lower ground foodcourt (actually calling it a foodcourt is an understatement). Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western, Vietnamese and fusion cuisine can be found here.

And it was snap happy time. I swear I looked like a hillbilly. Jakun giler.

We went back to Pavilion where we were joined by Steve who seemed to have grown at least 5 inches taller. He said it was the visual effect from his slim cut trousers. Tipoo. Ko gi buat treatment panjangkan tulang femur kan?

Steve showed us around True Fitness in Pavilion. The place where Steve seldom works out but pays in full. I think True Fitness has a lot of members like Steve. That's why they can afford to buy state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Touch screen treadmill. A host of other equipment use touch screen lcd panels too.

Then it was off to Starbucks to cuci mata. We chose a strategically positioned table. Not that we have many subjects to cuci our mata on. Afterall, we were in Kuala Lumpur. Where beautiful people are a rarity. If we were in Jakarta we could all go blind staring at the stream of pretty faces passing by.

"You know or not I had an affair when I was in China?"

"Itu cilita lama la.... manyak suey.. wa balu plan mau pigi lu sulah balik"

After the not so exhilarating cuci mata session we headed for the foodcourt again as Steve was feeling hungry. As we were deliberating on where to have our dinner, Misha and Syuk arrived and suggested the famous Bukit Bintang chicken rice. If you happen to be in Bukit Bintang I strongly recommend you to try this place out. Can someone help me with the name? Lupa la pulak.

So from Pavilion we walked in the slight drizzle to the chicken rice restaurant which was about 500m away. But not to worry. Kuala Lumpur has good pedestrian footpaths all over the city (which Jakarta sadly is lacking. Beyond the stretch between Plaza Indonesia and Monas, good pedestrian footpaths is almost non-existent).

Syuk (berpaut pada railing untuk menyeimbangkan badan yang dah kurus) dan Peanutbutter (pakei payung walopun hujan turun 3 titik p/square meter per minit) sedang khusyuk mendengar dakyah2 daripada Mish.

Along the way, we were greeted by masseurs offering reflexology massage. A word of caution - if you do not want to be mistaken as one of the masseurs, NEVER wear orange coloured shirt in Bukit Bintang. Yours truly did. Peanutbutter said I blended in perfectly among the masseurs. She had the photo to prove it. And it was disturbingly true.

We had a good chicken rice meal. I took only the chicken and tofu. Oprah says no rice after 7pm. Occay.. she didn't say that but I had to watch my diet after having no-holding-back-eat-all-I-can week.

Mish & Syuk had to continue painting their new house and excused themselves while Steve had to be in bed by 11pm (your bed or someone else's bed?).

Since it was still early, Peanutbutter and I kidnapped Raja Man who was attending a friend's open house in Keramat. We then headed for NZ Curry House in Wangsa Maju.

Raja Man dengan pose berjudul Ku Angin Pelamin Angan Ku Musnah

It was there that Peanutbutter coined the term "orang bisu gagap". And it was also where we foresaw a glimpse of how we would look like 20 years from now. It was however a not so tasteful version of our future story. Macam sial je orang yang kome pilih jadi aku tu.

Thanks guys for a truly delightful evening. Looking forward to your visit in January.

Sampe sekarang aku terbayang bahasa isyarat gagap tu.


leez said...

aku kesian kat ko....dah jadi cam pelancong kat tanahair sendiri....hmmmmmm...

peanutbutter said...

hahaha...ponen bisu gagap to be precised.

Zarina Shafian said...

Hainan Chicken Rice name yetzz :-p

gadhogadho said...

Tenkiu ina! gue udah lupa!

Latte Guy said...

kedai nasi ayam chee meng is also one of the best nasi ayam provider in BB(NAP).

Eki Akhwan said...
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Eki Akhwan said...

My God, what a wonderful adventure you had in one night(?) ^_^ And it sounds like you had multiple meals in one night(?). The malls' architecture and decorations are grand, btw.

I enjoyed reading and viewing the photographs in this post. Thanks for sharing!

Stevie said...

Hellooo anak-anak kuala lumpur ....

Hainan Chicken Rice tu is the name for the chicken rice liewwww

Latte Guy, Chee Meng is the one yang kita makan malam tu arrrr...

Haiiiiii... hahahaha

peanutbutter said...

very the correct stevie...:P remember i did ask the cashier...wah..sudah ada website hah? www.cheemeng.com. Itu chee meng lu punya nama ka?

it was a wonderful night, place & friends to be with :D i had a big smile showing off the work of an art of starhill food center to Gadho2. Knowing that he has not been there yet..although the place has already been there for more than 3years. When he was still still working in malaysia???? Gadho2 was definitely impressed by it and dropped his jaw down to the floor when he first set his foot at the food center. :D

Anonymous said...


Baru nk betul kan pasal Chicken Rice tu which Zarina & latte guy nk bg maksud yg sama tapi x sama tujuan [apa yg aku ckp niew]

Kat Chee Meng tu la yg kita mkn, n located kat Bukit Bintang, which dia jual Nasi Ayam Hainan {betul kata steve] :)