13 October 2008

1st Syawal

This year's 1st Syawal was special.

With the addition of a new member in the family, it was natural that all attention was focused on him.

Just like when Hari Raya was celebrated at my maternal grandfather's house, the family group photo session was a must. Back then in Kuala Kangsar, the group photo session would involve almost 40 people.

Hari Raya in those days were so much merrier. Ye la... masa tu still dapat duit raya. Mana le tak happy sakan.

I remember fondly how all the grandchildren would queue from one uncle and auntie to another for duit raya on the morning of 1st Syawal. We would then compare who among us cousins got the most money.

And at night, we would help our youngest uncle to lit up the pelita or panjut around the house. My grandfather's house was huge. It had a vast compound where us kids would play and run freely.

My grandfather passed away in 2004. Since then, there was no more balik kampung to Kuala Kangsar.

I'm lucky for I still have my maternal grandmother. At 84, she still has a very good memory and she could hear well too. But, her mobility is quite restricted.

The whole family went to visit her on the 1st day of Raya. She was at an auntie's house in Shah Alam.

"Bila nak kahwin?" was the first question which came from her. Not "Bila sampai dari Jakarta?". Not "Ada beli apa2 untuk Pah tak?". No. She had to ask the soalan cepumas.

My answer was the standard "Lepas raya".

And I had to repeat that answer at almost every relatives' house.

Capek deh!!


leez said...

tambah lagi sorang...aku pun nak menanya...'Bila nak kahwin?' jawab jgn tak jawab....

gadhogadho said...

sebelum ko tanya aku baik ko pandang ceromin and tanya soklan yang sama

peanutbutter said...


aku pun pening..matron asyik2 suruh aku carikkan jodoh utk ko..