12 October 2008

Aidil Fitri Break

Just got back from my long break in Malaysia.Actually, it wasn't a break at all. A break is when you just laze around and relax. My so called break was far from that.

It was hectic the moment I touched down at KLIA. Hectic spelled out as F A N T A S T I C.

I managed to do things which I had set to do while in Malaysia, some of them were:

  • Meet my closest dearest friends and had a blast. You guys know who you are. I really appreciate those who put aside some of their time to meet me. Thank you so much!
  • Visit Pasar Ramadhan in Desa Pandan, Pandan Indah and Tasik Permaisuri. The popiah at Desa Pandan was as good as ever! (sans the long queue.. it was 2 days before Lebaran, afterall. Everybody has balik kampung).
  • Taste the real Teh Tarik. However I now have a new favourite drink. Old Town White Coffee. I would go for it's white coffee over Starbucks' cafe latte anyday.
  • Savour the delicious rojak mamak. Had one at Pelita Ampang Point.
  • Visit Pavilion!

There were more but writing them down would draw jeers from some. But hey, living in another country makes me long for the simple things that I normally do back home.

Anyway, the happiest moment during my short holiday was when I meet my nephews. The youngest, at 6-month old, finally met his uncle for the first time.

The eldest. Concentrating on the games on the laptop.

This one waited until 12 am for me to reach home from KLIA. He had not seen me for almost a year.

The youngest nephew. The reason I felt sad to fly back to Jakarta.


leez said...

Kesian yea....baru nak visit Pavillion dan merasa Oldtown White Coffee. Beb...jgn lupa highlight choc cake aku yg terangkat tu hokeyyyy!!! Promosi gitu.....

gadhogadho said...

Leez.. aku balik KL pun mcm org jakun je. Nanti aku buatle promosi kek ceklat ko tu. Comission jgn buat2 lupa lak

peanutbutter said...

comey si riyad ni...:D

lagi satu ko lupa nak mention...kejakunan ko masuk ground floor starhill :P