26 October 2008

Abdul & The Coffee Theory

I bought a new CD last weekend. By an unknown band called Abdul & The Coffee Theory (unknown to me anyway....was told Abdul had previously released a solo album).

The album is titled Loveable.

Went through the songs. You know an album is good when the first five songs gets you immediately.

Among my favs are Tiada Batas (Menunggu), Ku Cinta Kau Lebih Dari Kemarin, Mr Perfect, Loveable, Cahaya, Bodoh Untuk Setia and Beauty is You.

Abdul sengih2 manja tunggu kopi.

In general, most of the songs are pop R&B and with a bit of jazz thrown in. Except for the song Beauty Is You which is in swing.

Oh.... I have one thing to say to Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia on the 90:10 proposed quota - Stop being crybabies! Go and learn how to make good music!

Saya bukan mendewa-dewakan produk luar. It's just that I only go for the best!


peanutbutter said...

yup..i second that...bising je!!! tak payah la dengki dengan artist2 indonesia..just work your ass and try to be better at least.

cantik gambor abdul tunggu kopi tu..it gives me inspiration..ambik portrait kome2

stevie said...

i have a feeling, i already like that album... hahaha...

I will join uolssss in Jan 09 ok?

peanutbutter said...

yuhhaaaaa...buy tix now...klm got offer..ko kan queen2 tak nak naik air asia :P

awan said...

owh! I love all the songs in the album. so catchy. so 'terapung-apung' di udara.

but there are not many coverages done on them eh.

Kopi Malaysia said...

Malaysian musicians spend too much time comparing themselves to Indonesian musicians. And bitching about how we give more attention to our neighbours. Take away Dato Siti (and Mawi?) what have we got? A bunch of true crybabies who for once, cry in PERFECT harmony! For that, I salute Malaysian musicians!

Anonymous said...

lagu indonesia emang keren2, je....
thanks 4 appreciate it

AinulR said...

I was actually googling Abdul & Coffee theory, "terserempak" lak wit this blog. oh and yeah, Abdul's songs are awesome!

Shah Qamary said...

hi.. saja singgah.. sbb ternampak nama band ni masa search lirik lagu ada band..

sy xminat sgt dis type of music. but still whatever comes from indonesia, i'll be love to try.

about dat 90:10, dh terbukti gagal dilaksanakan. sbbnye? station radio sndiri takut kehilangan p'dengar sbb p'dengar nk music yg terbaik n yg terbaik of course from indonesia.

aku tau org2 dlm industri kt m'sia sndiri dh nmpk kdudukn mereka makin jauh ke blkg. tp disebabkan xleh nk cari mkn, t'pakselah guna bantuan krajaan.

sama la kesnya mcm industri perfileman. sampai skrg filem 'ketika cinta bertasbih the movie' masih belum masuk m'sia sedangkn di mesir pun dh tayang..