13 October 2008

Illuminated Earpick

The device above is called Lighting Earpick. There are some manufacturers who name it Illuminated Earpick.

Whatever name it goes by, the purpose of this device is to remove ear wax. And to make the process easier, someone decided to attach a light bulb to it.

It was my first time seeing such a gadget.

Unsure on how to correctly use the device? No worries. Just flip to the back and read the instruction.

Instruction 1 - Occay, I guess deeply here means you have to poke the thin end deep into you ear canal. But oppsss... be sure to do it slowly. And of course... slight.

Instruction 2 - Allright. Ocasionally there are children around me. So I have to be cautious. But who the hell is a Moring person?

Lastly, it says this product requires three AGB. What in the friggin world is an AGB? If finding AGB isn't difficult enough, you also have to make sure that the AGB must be mini and could be exchanged. Exchange with what? Earwax??

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