02 September 2008

Pasar Ramadhan Permata Hijau

Above is the pic of the pasar ramadhan located across my apartment. The pic was taken on 1st day of puasa. I was there around 4-ish. Still many empty stalls. I was probably there early. Or so I thought. However, when I went there yesterday, half an hour before iftar, the situation was the same.

Alahai.... seriously, I could do the pasar ramadhan in sub two minutes. Dah la kocik, the food variety was not that much either. You could only find kue and drinks. No lauk. And the odd thing is, almost every stall is selling the same types of kue... risoles, lumpia and one other kue which is similar to our curry puff.

I seriously need to find a merrier pasar ramadhan nearby. I'm thinking of going to the one on the grounds of Pondok Indah mosque today.

The maddening congestion - people trying to reach home in time for iftar


peanutbutter said...

sedihnya pasar ramadan kat permata hijo ni..

Sheila said...

there is a list of ramadan bazaars in KL and PJ here.