22 September 2008

Metro Mini

Jakarta's Metro Mini are equivalent to the mini buses which once roamed the streets of Kuala Lumpur. In many ways, both are strikingly similar - down to the attitude of the drivers.

They are infamous for menacing the streets. I "affectionately" call them "Drivers From Hell".

It was such a relief when the authorities in Kuala Lumpur decided to cease the services of the mini bus about 13 years ago.

However, here in Jakarta, there are no signs that these mini buses would stop servicing the public. It has been an integral part of Jakarta's public transportation system.

I think the mini bus works on a commission based system. More passengers translates to more money. Hence you'd see them racing each other to get to the waiting passengers at the bus stops.

Passenger comfort is last thing on their mind. What's important is to fill the bus to the max.

Even if it means jeopardizing the safety of passengers.

The pic above was taken from a taxi I was riding in en route to my apartment. You could only see passengers hanging on to the front door. There were more hanging on to the 2nd door at the back. And the bus was tilting heavily to one side.

What disturbed me most is that the passengers didn't seem to mind at all. I mean, if you're paying the same amount of fares, why settle hanging on to the door.

Could't you just wait for another bus? (which seemed a plenty on rush hours).


peanutbutter said...

bas ni pegi ke bulus ke??? apa ke buruk nor nama tpt tewww..:D

Eki Akhwan said...

I like the perspective and they way you present the day to day reality of Jakarta as you experience it.

Anonymous said...

PB.. nama tempat tu Lebak Bulus. Ada yang lagi best... Grogol.

Thanks Eki. So many interesting things to capture in Jkt. I try to give a glimpse of the city. Moga2 lebih banyak yang mau berwisata di Jkt.


rimafauzi said...

i was missing jakarta a bit when i found your blog thru jakartass'. interesting pov of jakarta that i haven't seen in other blogs.:)

cabincrew are here not to kiss ur ass said...

first time datang jakarta. i was wondering,why CGK?what it has to do with JAKARTA?dah sampai airport,lepas tol,baru tahu..

then nampak pulak GROGOL.til now i still laugh a bit bila nampak grogol.haha.

b0cah said...

i need your permission, i want to place your pic in this blog, into my site. thanks 4 advance