18 September 2008

How Did Your Children Go To School Today?

The above scene was caught in front of my apartment.

No. It's not a common sight in Jakarta. Well at least not for me. I'd like to believe that their normal, safer, mode of transportation broke down and someone (with little concern for safety) got the above substitute.

Needless to say, those school boys were more than happy to hop on the truck. In less than 2 minutes everyone was already on board. Sitting precariously at the back.

I hope it was only for a short ride.


Eki Akhwan said...

A candid capture from the street like this can tell a whole story; it is a picture like this that makes it worth a thousand words. Nice.

ayyman rahim. said...

It is so dangerous lah. Thank God, Malaysia takda lagi transport yang bahaya macam ni. Budak - budak sekolah Malaysia masih menjaga keselamatan masing - masing kan :p