21 September 2008

Real Life Spidey

See anything peculiar in the pic above? Look again.

Is that a man hanging on to the pole?

These pics were taken from thge balcony of my 23rd floor apartment. I caught sight of "spidey" when I was observing the tower next to my apartment which was still under construction.

Apparently, "spidey" was doing some welding works. It takes someone with lots of guts to perch on the metal pole hanging out from the top of the tower. It must have been close to 30 storey high.

I do hope the cable you see from the pics was a safety cable attached to "spidey". If he ever enters "Fear Factor" and there was a challenge which involves height, "spidey" would easily breezed through it.

"Spidey" mencangkung atas pole tu

Penat mencangkung, "Spidey" meniarap


peanutbutter said...

gilababas...berani mati betul..

Anonymous said...

suker baca blog nih...best..cite banyak ttg Indonesia..thank you. TKS