17 September 2008

Whaddyaa Mean?

How many times when you heard a statement from a politician you go...

Uhhhh??? ........Duhhhh!!!

Same here. Gazzillion times. Here's an excerpt from Utusan Online today:

"Saya juga memilih hari ini 17 September kerana ia adalah Nuzul Quran, hari di mana al-Quran diturunkan ke bumi,"

The above was said by none other than the we-all-love-to-hate infamous son inlaw. Please-lah, don't equate the significance of the day of the revelation of the first verse of the Holy Al-Quran to the day you begged to be nominated as the UMNO Youth Chief.

Then he added,

"Pemuda UMNO harus bersama generasi muda yang ada di luar UMNO dan hendaklah menjadi badan yang 'inclusive' bukannya 'eksklusif',''

Ya ka? I always thought that the UMNO youth wing is exclusively for those who wants to have a better chance of getting a share of government's projects.

Apa-apa la. Terserah. As far as I'm concerned, sincere and honest politicians are hard to come by these days.

You can read the full story here.

Meanwhile yesterday, in Kuala Lumpur, two best buddies (who both, by the way, suffer from acute in-denial syndrom) did a little swapping.

From The Star:

"During this period, I will gradually hand over to him (Najib) my duties and responsibilities and now it is time for me to pass on the Finance Minister post (to him),"

You hand over one ministry and you get another. Power transition my foot!

We, the rakyat , are really sick and tired with all these political games. I long for the day when Malaysia is free from having a clown as her leader.

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peanutbutter said...

tak hingin aku baca the full story tu..buat hilang pahala posa aku je :P