22 September 2008

Musical Fountain

Until last Saturday, I didn't know there was a state-of-the-art musical fountain inside Grand Indonesia Mall.

You see, Grand Indonesia is one hell of a mammoth mall. It takes a few visits to explore and discover the whole area.

I was there for my iftar. Didn't plan to be there. It was a last minute decision. A "friend" was in town and wrote on my Facebook wall 3 weeks ago suggesting that we should go for iftar together during her next trip to Jakarta.

Since she said she would be arriving at 6pm on the 19th and returning to KL on the 21st, it doesn't take half a genius to figure out that the only day available for the buka puasa would be 20th.

So, taking her invitation seriously, I turned down an invitation from my Indonesian director for a "buka bersama" at his spanking new hill-top residence which coincidentally scheduled on the 20th as well.

"A friend of mine is coming from KL and we plan to buka puasa together," I told the director's daughter.

To cut the story short, this "friend" of mine was so wrapped-up with shopping that she conveniently forgot ( I assume lah) I was waiting for her confirmation on the venue of the buka puasa. She hasn't called until today.

So, 30 minutes before iftar, not wanting to buka puasa alone at home, I called up a friend (who was thankfully available) and off we went to Grand Indonesia.

We ventured into the upper floors (where most of the cafe's and restaurants were located) and in our search for the restaurant for our iftar, we came across the musical fountain.

There's a larger musical fountain on the grounds of the Monumen Nasional complex. Haven't got the chance to see that one in action yet. Maybe I'll pay a visit after Lebaran.


peanutbutter said...

lagi menarik tgk fountain ni drpd bukak posa dgn org yg suka-suka tabur janji mcm orang bertanding pilihanraya lepas tu buat-buat lupa janji dia and some more got the nerve for not calling and apologise. maknanya...blacklist je le org tu

Anonymous said...

betul tu mbak!!


bettylovesblogging said...

I didn't know that fountain was musical either until one day until it just started spazzing out right in front of me and "New York New York" started blasting out of the speakers!! It is very high tech.