16 September 2008

It Died On Me

For the second time in my life, it happened!

And to make things worse, of all the days it could have ocurred, it happened in the first week of the month.

That's the period when workload is at max.

My PC, without showing any symptoms, died on me. The screen when black in a blink. I tried restarting the PC. It went as far as "Windows is Loading Your Setting" before going dead again.

This restarting-going dead cycle went on about 5 times. Afterwards, I sat there staring at my PC with a blank look on my face. Then the reality sank in.

I went on a panic overdrive.

You see, the last time I made backup to all the files was in January 2008. That's 8 months worth of work gone.

Mampus, does this mean I have to cut short my two-week Raya holiday? Or worse still, I might not even have the chance to go back to KL.

Rasa macam nak bukak pose je masa tu.

I instructed my staff to call for anyone who does PC repairs. They found one Bapak Budi. Bapak Budi said he'll be at my office before 12pm. I doubt.

True enough, Bapak Budi arrived half past 2 in the afternoon. Dengan senyum2 bersalah.

He tried to "resucitate" my PC. After a while, he said he had to bring back the CPU to his shop for further inspection.

I told him, the top most priority now is to recover the files.

My Raya holidays depended on him! (well, didn't actually say it but I felt like telling it to Pak Budi, on my knees).

At 9am the next morning, I got a call from Pak Budi. He told me that he still could not rectify the problem.

"Bad sektor Pak".

Bad sector, precinct, seksyen or whatever!.. All I want to know is that my files could be recovered.

Have you ever been without a PC in the office. Believe me, you'd feel like one useless being. How much our life in the office is soooo dependable on the PC. For work and other stuff (which includes YM, surfing the world wide web and errr... updating blogs).

2 days after my PC died on me, Pak Budi came back with the CPU. Much to my relief, he said he was able to recover all the data in it. He did explain what was wrong with the PC but it was too technical for my understanding (see, when it comes to IT, I'm a complete idiot).

Seriously, I felt like giving Pak Budi a warm big hug! Why not? Afterall, he saved my holiday!!


peanutbutter said...

ciom pak budi! ciom! ciom! ciom! :D

Eki Akhwan said...

I felt tense reading the first part. :) Alhamdulillah, it got solved ... Now you can think about your Lebaran holiday in peace ...

i know i who said...

kalu amek gue kerija sana ... gerenti lo nga ada apa2 masalah sama PC loe .. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Nak cium pak budi takut batal puasa.

Ya eki, i can look fwd to my lebaran holiday now. In fact, i've started packing!... hehehe

JM, saturday night next week lepak kat bahadur after terawih. ex-boss ko pun ada.


Anonymous said...

ko balek apartmen mahal ko tu bila? Black Magic ajak mai kenduri kawen dia 11 Oct - Saturday, kat aloq setaq nak g tak?

JM @ i know i who