31 August 2008

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Woke up at 3.00am for sahur. Here Imsak is at 4.26 am.

Switched on the telly while having my meal.

As in the previous years, most TV stations carry live programs at this hour (8 channels to be precise). The majority are comedy with interactive quiz thrown in.

Dan yang aku herannya... with live audience. Yupp.... audience ngan muka yang tak cukup tido. I heard they were paid by the TV stations.

Yela... kalo tak di bagi insentive rupiah, who in their right mind would want to go to a TV studio at 3.00am?

Anyway, my brother sent me a pic of my nephew who at six months, is yet to meet his Indonesian domiciled uncle.

Last night I dreamnt I was back in KL seeing him for the first time. Hmmm... Can't wait to be back for Raya.

And it's only the first day of puasa.


Notty.Tomato said...

Selamat berpuasa bro..

i know i who said...

comel anak JJ ni .. mata bulat .. debab ...

peanutbutter said...

comeynya...mcm muka fifi :D

Anonymous said...

notty : selamat puasa to u too. this time around i dont have to light a ciggy after buka.. best!

ijal.. ko sure dah nengok anak buah aku ni... takpe.. bila balik nanti bior aku jadi bapak angkat dia kejap.

PB.. kann... tapi masa mula2 kuor tu mak aku kata mcm muka JJ... dia dah metamofosis kot.. betul ke ejaan aku nih??