27 August 2008

Losing The Inches

This maybe petty to some of you but this is my blog, about my life, so, three words ... suka hati aku.

I've been trying hard to burn the fat on my lower abs and "love handles" but don't seem to be able to get rid of them.

Treadmill, stepper, weights, crunches, leg raises. You name it. Done it all.


Then I came accross this article on the net. Here are some excerpts:

"There is only one way to lose fat in the so-called "stubborn areas," and that is with the correct combination of proper diet, aerobic exercise, abdominal training, and weight training."

Proper diet? Udah try. Aerobic exercise? Udah jugak. Abs training and weight training pun udah!!.

"The first thing you need to realize is that it is impossible to "spot reduce" fat from one specific part of the body."

Yea ker?? Idak le teman tau Bang Haji ooii.

"Fat loss occurs systemically, meaning that you can’t control where the fat comes from. When you burn fat for energy, you will draw it from all areas of the body, and the first place you tend to put it on will be the last place it comes off."

In accounting, this is called FILO (first-in, last-out).

"Training the abdominals every day with hundreds of repetitions will certainly tighten and tone the muscles, but it will do almost nothing to remove the fat obscuring the muscles."

Laa... buat penat je aku buat crunches bertubi-tubi. Dah macam tenggiling rope aku masa buat crunches.

"Contrary to popular belief, the best way to burn the layer of flab from your midsection is not to do more abdominal exercise, but to do more cardiovascular exercise."

Dah buat la weiii...

"During the first 20 -30 minutes of aerobic activity, glycogen (stored carbohydrates) is the primary fuel source. If you stop after 20 minutes, you’re only getting half of your workout done! You get the cardiovascular health benefits, but you don’t get much fat loss. "

Err... yea ker??...

"The key to maximum fat loss is to work out aerobically for 30-60 minutes continuously per session. You should do this at least three or four days per week, but five, six, or even seven days a week will take off fat at the fastest rate possible!"

Adehhh!!... cabut lutut den. No wonder, I normally do only 30 mins of cardio, max.

You can read more here.

By the way, pakcik tomato, I think your 3-months is up a loooonnnngg time ago.


Notty.Tomato said...

Hahahahaha..belom lagi la bai..i thot i have another 1 more month apa..abis ramadhan.. ;) pepehal pun, posting ni terbaik..

Anonymous said...

ramadhan memang le kurus.. tak aci le macam ni..