26 August 2008

A Special Tribute

November last year, I received news on the passing of Hazlishah (H), a friend from university days.

A couple of weeks ago, I was told by a good friend of mine that H's wife has a blog.

I eventually found the blog last week. H's wife made a heart wrenching entry two days after H's passing.

You can read it here.

When I first arrived in Portsmouth back in September 1994, I was temporarily put up in a university hall of residence, QEQM.

I had to find a house. Being in a new place, what better way to get assistance if none other from the seniors. I recall walking almost 3 km with a fellow Malaysian student, Mustaza, from QEQM to a house in Prince Albert Road, the lodging of the president of Malaysian Student's Society.

And it was there I met H for the first time. He was staying in that house as well.

By the 3rd day, I checked-out from QEQM and H and the rest of his housemates were kind enough to allow me to stay in their house until I found my own lodging. H gave his room to me and Mustaza. A very kind gesture from a very generous soul.

It wasn't until a week had passed that I finally found a house (through the help of another senior whom I shall never forget, Izhar). The house was located not far from Prince Albert Road. 17 Empshott Road.

I remember it was H who led a group of juniors (yours truly included) on our first ever trip to London (well, first for me). Ijal if you're reading this, we spent the night at Amy's friend's, didn't we? H took us to Picadilly Square and Petticoat Lane market.

Over the two years our paths crossed many a times. More so during the final year. H was staying in a flat in Lumsden and I was squatting in a nearby flat. Ijal's flat to be specific.

I remember H as a very warm and friendly person. The kind of person whom you'd feel comfortable approaching.

A good man with an extremely kind soul.



i know i who said...

sedey sehhh ... dah la dia penah jadi rumet aku kat Oliver Road dulu few months b4 pindah Lumsden ..

gadhogadho said...

Bukan ko nyer room mate kat Oliver si jack daniels ker?.. Speaking of Oliver... mana le agaknyer si mamat lonjong tu... with the best quote of the century "heavy this animal".. of course, said in Klish (kelantanese english)... J kan nama dia?

D said...

Thank you for the kind words about my late husband. Just found this link.

All the best in Jakarta