20 August 2008

Truly Delightful & Enlightening Meeting

Ocay. I have to admit that my postings have been very few and far between. "I've been busy" excuse is so cliche. But it's true you know.

Let me tell you of an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. You see, the CEO (lets call him Mr EG) of the biggest media group in Bolehland was in town with his small entourage. The purpose of their visit - a business meeting with the company I work for.

The CEO made news headline sometime ago on his appointment to head a large GLC. And he was only in his early 30s then.

My personal view of him? Very humble and easy going. and does not have that Royal Highness attitude in him. Soooo unlike my Tan Sri Chairman.

Mr EG does not speak english with a British accent (well him being a Cambridge scholar). Just the normal Manglish (Malaysian english). He even uses an ordinary Nokia handphone. I think Peanutbutter's new Nokia is more expensive. Not Palm. Not Nokia Communicator. Not Blackberry. Not Iphone. Just plain and basic Nokia handphone.

I thought he would just ignore a small fish like me. But he made efforts to engage in a conversation and would really make you feel relaxed. And important.

Over the two days he was here, on three occassions he mentioned that he found it hard to believe that the last time I was back in KL was during last year's Raya holidays. Well Mr EG, offer me a job in your company at a higher salary then I would go back to KL every other month.

He did not complain when lunch was served late. According to one COO who was in Mr EG's entourage, his boss is really a simple guy. This was further attested by Mr EG's business friend during supper that night.

I guess Mr EG did not let success get into his head and has his feet firmly on the ground.

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peanutbutter said...

fyi, somebody else got a new nokia hp which is far expensive than mine or your unfriendly keypad sony ericsson hp...:P