25 August 2008

Bali - Day 2

After lunch at Sari Batur, I dozed off in the car. I had no idea where Nyoman was taking me but I did remember asking him to take me to a nice beach.

I lost track of the time too. Holiday mode maaa...

Nyoman woke me up soon after we arrived at Tegallalang. It's a place where you could see terraced paddy fields. I didn't like the place because it was too "touristy". Locals selling handicrafts would swarm you and pester you to buy their merchandise.

Luckily there was a group of Japanese tourist at that time. So I was let off the hook. Yen more valuable than my rupiah, yesss?

While on the subject of Japanese, I watched on telly the other day Olga Syahputra playing the character of a Japanese girl. When a fellow actor asked her Japanese name, he (yes, Olga is a he) said,

"Nama saya Moo-ka-mu Koo-bedaki"

Macam p*n**t (here, this word is not vulgar you know).

While on the subject of p*n**t, I received a guest from KL just last week. We were in the car and the sopir was negotiating the car into a tight parking space. Then the parking attendant shouted from the back,

"Masukin p*n**t-nya dulu mas!"

Needless to say, my guest laughed like mad.

So occay, from Tegallalang we headed to Padang-Padang. Ohh.. I have to mention that just ahead of Tegallalang paddy fields, there were miles after miles of souvenir shops. I did not stop. I guess you could get a good bargain for souvenirs here.

Padang-Padang is a stretch of beach popular among surfers. There's just a short strip of sandy beach. While the rest was mostly rocks. But if you venture 150-200 metres to left from the main beach spot, you'll find a longer strip of sandy beach.

And on the way you'll encounter an abandoned ship.

This place is a must I tell you. It's unlike the crowded beaches of Kuta and Legian.

Last on my itinerary for the day was Kecak Dance at Uluwatu. I've been to one a couple of years back (at the same venue) but it's worth a second experience.

The Kecak Dance at Uluwatu is actually performed in the grounds of a Pura. This time around, the spectators were nearly double than my previous visit.

The Kecak Dance with the sunset in the background was just mesmerizing. However this time, Hanuman came from the back and sat next to me. Kalo akak Raja sure udah melatah gila babs punyer.

I'm already planning for my next trip to Bali. Air Asia has started its promo again. But the problem is, should I get the KUL-Denpasar or CGK-Denpasar return ticket....

Life is so full of uncertainties.


peanutbutter said...

pandei pulak photographer bidan terjun ko ni ambik gambor :D

anyway...that pant** word with the same meaning as the indonesian vocab is also commonly used by johorean people. so, kalau nak recite the word pant** ni freely boleh le pegi indonesia or johor.

Anonymous said...

PB, yg amik gambo mamat jaga tuala kat swimmiing pool.. lagi berbakat pada you know who.. (bukan mamat i know i who yea..)..