02 December 2007

New Gym

I made a mistake joining Fitness First when I first arrived in Jakarta. On my first visit after signing up, the whole place felt like a pasar malam. The worst part is the members' seemingly lack of gym etiquette. The instructors were only friendly with those who engage them as Personal Trainers.

That was when I decided to join Bodylife.I truly love the atmosphere there. Okla... their equipment are a bit dated BUT the place is not overly crowded even during peak hours. The members are somewhat more civilised. The instructors are pleasant. Ramai bule (omputih) and a few Indonesian celebs.

Unfortunately, recently, the management decided to increase the monthly dues to Rp1.3 million (approx. RM481). Tak ke bunuh diri namanya tu? I don't mind if the raise is justified i.e new state-of-the-art equipment or additional facilities but the price increase does not come with these improvements.

The most hillarious part is when a gym staff told me that the management plans to make the gym an exclusive high-end gym BUT they are charging the new fees BEFORE they upgrade the equipment and facililities. BODOH NAK MAMPUS!!

After searching around for the perfect gym I finally settled for Celebrity Fitness Pondok Indah Mall. The sales personnel was honest when he said the gym is always crowded during peak hours but he says the crowd is lesser 8 pm onwards. The part I like best is that the gym closes at 12 midnite. Bolehle aku eksesais lambat and dalam ketenangan. Back in KL my gym hours are above 9pm.

Having been frequenting the gym for almost 8 years, you can basically categorise the members into 4 groups.

A) The serious ones.
They are serious with their fitness regime. You can easily tell this lot apart. They are always seen doing their workouts with determination written all over their face.

B) The casuals.
Once in a while you get to see them at the gym. They are the ones who join the gym just because it's the in-thing to do. This lot usually have lots of money at their disposal. In other words, orang kaya yang tak reti nak buat apa dengan duit dia.

C) The socials.
Going to the gym for them is like attending a social event where they expect to meet and make new friends on every visit. Sure, you are bound to make new friends at the gym but this lot make it THE purpose of their visit. You seldom see them on the exercise equipment. They are usually by the equipment chatting away and annoying other members.

D) The perverts.
They are seldom seen outside the changing room. Most of the time they are sweating away in the steam room/sauna or soaking in the jacuzzi for the longest times. They love people staring.

I'll be going to Celebrity Fitness for my first workout this Wednesday. Lets see if the place is worth the money I paid for.

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peanutbutter said...

me falls under category
(E)THE DONORS -- Fee paid for twice visitations a year and the rest of the payment donated to the tabung yayasan org2 gila, org2 sakit hati dan cacat lobang idung