10 December 2007


No. This entry is not on Public Service Announcement.

It's about Public Show of Affection - showing of affection between two people in public.

Am I against it? Depends.

If it's done in a manner where it is not bordering foreplay in porn movies it's OK with me. And it must be done in the appropriate places.

Gym is definately NOT one of those appropriate places. Well, certainly not for over the top PSA.

Last night I went for my workout. Reached there around 9pm. Started with my stretching. Then I headed to the free weights area. As usual my eyes were on AWACS mode.

Not far to my right was a male "sinetron" actor Adrian Maulana. Next to me on the sit up bench was another familiar face. Julie Estelle, an actress. Kalau dia ni ada kat sini sure boyfriend dia ada. True enough, her current bf, Moreno Soeprapto, the Indonesian A1 driver, was not far away doing lats pull downs. Kalau Kak Raja nengok mamat ni sure terus menari poco2 kat situ gak.

Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to a lady who was standing not far to my right just about where Adrian Maulana was.

To say she was visually annoying is an understatement. There's nothing wrong with her figure. But there's EVERYTHING wrong with her outfit.

NEVER in my entire gym-going life have I seen someone going to the gym looking like she had just clocked-out from a brothel and heads straight away to the gym.

If only I had bought the cam-phone earlier.

Let me describe the top. She was wearing a black top... err more like a bra complete with lacy strings. The midriff is made of sheer material.. yang mcm kain net tu.. giving a see-through effect. Oh yes.. I could clearly see her naval piercing.

She wore a bright purple bottom complete with flairs! AND she had make-up on complete with striking red lipstick!

She would put akak2 at Lorong Haji Taib to shame.. hands down!!

At first I thought she came alone. Well whaddya know... moments later she was joined by a buff guy who I presume was her boyfriend.

And that was when it started. The PSA.

There they were, at times seen cuddling, arms around each other, giggling, smooching, behaving like a couple of hormone charged teenagers (in this case they are waaayyyyyy past their teen life).

They were like exercise - smooch - exercise - cuddle - exercise - hug - exercise - another smooch - exercise - giggle - exercise - sit on the lap - exercise - big hug plus smooch. In that order.

Hey... don't get me wrong. I wasn't directing all my attention observing them but it so happened it was my free weights day and they were there at the free weights section all the time. It's impossible not to notice their PSA!

I don't know about others who were there but I certainly was loathing seeing their acts. Please lah... kat luar takleh nak beromen-romen ke? This is a gym for goodness sake! And please woman... go take lessons on how to dress up properly to the gym!

Ms Talullah, if you do come here, kindly bring along your gym attire. I'm entitled to bring a friend for a day visit to the gym. Seronok kalo ada sparring partner untuk kutuk orang2 mcm pompuan tu. And yes.... also untuk cuci mata.


peanutbutter said...

haiyo...azab siot. mmg confirm nak kena gelak tawa ngan aku ni.

alrite..gym attire must put in my jakarta trip things to bring check list. kasut tak payah...aku nak borong adidas!

peanutbutter said...

Chup! AWACS mode tu binatang sedara ko belah mana pulak?