16 December 2007


It's that time of the year again. Sales galore!

Ni yang buat aku malas nak gi mall kat Jakarta ni. Daripada tak plan nak beli apa2, nanti terbeli pulak. Those of you who have been to Jakarta, you know how difficult it is to resist the temptation to not buy anything while at the malls.

I'm a discerning shopper. Before I decide on making my purchases, I would visit a few shops to compare the prices. The evaluation is more detailed if the item is expensive. But sometimes, bila datang mereng aku, for simple things like a pair of sandals I would go back and forth between shops just to complete my "evaluation".

I guess that's why I work in Finance and Accounting.

I don't mind pondering for weeks, before finally making my purchase. But this is only applicable to mende2 mahal le. Idak le aku gila nak pikior berminggu samada nak beli Milo or Ovaltine, M&M's or Smarties, Durex or Kamasutra (opsss...).

But last Sunday my habit took a holiday.

Feeling bored and craving for a glass of teh tarik, I headed to Senayan City to have breakfast at Little Penang.

On the ground floor concourse area of Senayan City, a Lego display was being held. There were two huge play-area where kids could freely build anything from the Legos provided. Kalo idak mengenangkan umur aku yang dah 30-an ni, mau aku duduk join bebudak tu.

I grew up playing with Lego. Kereta, rumah, bas, space-ship, kapal... you name it, semua aku pernah buat dengan Lego. Because of Lego, I even aspired to be an architect. Tapi apakan daya lukis rumah banglo pun dah jadi rope reban ayam semi-mewah.

All made from Lego

Sarung konak berlampu

So, after spending some time at the concourse area, I entered Debenhams. They were having a "Buy One, Get One Free" promotion but it would only start at 9pm and would end at 12am. Malas pulak nak kena datang malam-malam buta.

Then I came across this section where they were selling gadgets from notebooks to mini hi-fi's.

I saw Ipods.

Asked a few questions about the range of Ipods, the price, the accessories and ntah jin apa rasuk aku masa tu, aku pun terus beli Ipod Nano.

Punyale ketinggalan zaman aku ni sampaikan mamat yang dok explain macam mana nak upload lagu ke dalam Ipod tu senyum-senyum busuk kat aku.

Ms Talullah, ko kena explain banyak mende kat aku nanti. I spent considerable hours last night uploading songs which I believe there must be a faster way of doing it. Then there's the organizing folders, editing song titles, inserting name of artistes etc. Banyak aku nak tanya ko nih.

Nano-Nano Ku

Eventhough the decision to buy an Ipod was a compulsive and at the spur of the moment kind of thing, I guess I'll be using it a lot especially during my workouts. It will be useful too during my journey home in the taxi. Daripada aku melayan drebar teksi borak baik aku dengar Maliq & D'essentials.

I've bought an Ipod but still have not had my breakfast which was the reason I came to Senayan City in the first place. So off I went to Little Penang which was located on the 5th floor food court. I ordered teh tarik and from another food outlet, I ordered roti canai Italiano.

It's so hard to find good teh tarik in Jakarta but the one at Little Penang is the closest you could get to the real thing in Malaysia. And the price for a glass of teh tarik.... Rp18,000 or RM6.67 ringgit. Memang aku minum pelan-pelan. Savouring every single drop.

One of the things I hate about Jakarta is the price of food at foodcourts, cafes and restaurants. It's so bloody expensive! I'll blog about this soon.

Meanwhile, I'll have to upload more songs into my Nano-nano.

The RM6.67 teh tarik and roti canai Italiano


peanutbutter said...

cantik nano2 ko tu...

boleh je nnt aku bg ko free tuition

peanutbutter said...

siall je sarung konak berlampu tu..mmg tak ada sapa blh beli..mana ada orang konaknya sepanjang seluas 4 ekar tu. only applicable to horses, cows or dinasours (kot le ada lagi dinasour ni menyorok kat hutan belakang rumah aku)

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