09 December 2007

Busy Week

Just a short entry.

As the norm with every 1st half of the month, I'm very busy with closing of accounts and preparing management reports hence the absence of new updates.

Just had my appraisal done by my boss. He insist on giving me higher grades than last year. Baik pulak le boss aku ni. Aku siap cakap bagi sama mcm tahun lepas pun takpe... boddoh tak aku?

I viewed two potential houses last Friday.

The first house was nice. It has three bedrooms and three baths, one on the ground floor and two on the first floor. A living area on the ground floor and a family area on the first floor. And then there is one room and a toilet for the maid. It even has a garage for two cars, indoor rock garden and a nice front lawn.

At the time of visit, it was under minor renovation. The house is located in Pondok Indah, an elite area, Jakarta's equivalent to Tmn TAR.

However, the problem is, the house is too big! Plus, it is quite far from the main road and it will be difficult to get taxis. Susah ko nak jalan2 nanti Ms Talullah.

So, the property agent took me to the second house which she said was slightly smaller and cheaper.

Surprisingly, the second house looked better. It has a modern minimalist facade. It has three bedrooms and two baths with a maid quarter at the back. It also has an indoor courtyard (a small one though) and a nice front lawn!!! Boleh aku ngan Ms Talullah minum teh and makan goreng pisang sambil mengutuk org!!

The part I like most is that it is practically at the doorstep (rear doorstep la) of Pondok Indah Mall! Just to illustrate how near the mall is from the house - kalau kawan aku si Marieya jalan kaki boleh sampai dalam 4 minit... and Marieya is not even a fast walker!! Easy access to food, cinema, gym, ATMs, shops, taxis... pokoknya semuanya ada just next door!!

Apparently the house is owned by a young couple. The wife of the landlord was present that day. Cantik minah ni. Typical Indonesian features (tipikal features orang kaya and cantik Indon bukan mcm bibik2 korang yea). She's very accommodating and even agreed to a 6-month lease contract instead of one year.

This morning, I prepared and submitted a proposal to my CFO in KL seeking approval on the new house. Fingers crossed, doa banyak2, hopefully she approves la. Otherwise, I have to find another house which might not be as good as this one, location wise.

In the meantime, untuk tidak menjemukan Ms Talullah yang suka tengok gambar, I've found a suitable camera phone. I'll be getting it soon. Tunggu le.. aku letak pic banyak2 sampai muntah ko nengoknya.

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peanutbutter said...

huiii...aku yang excited! mintak2 ko dapat le yg the 2nd hse tu..kalau boss ko tak approve, aku bakar rambut J yang baru di bajak tu. Ada kena-mengena ke dgn dia?