03 December 2007

Mommy says....

I had an encounter with one weird woman.

You see, last Sunday, after my workout at the gym, I headed to Melayu Deli, my favourite nasi campur joint at the Pasaraya Grande foodcourt.

As it was not crowded, I decided to eat-in rather than take-away which I normally do. I scanned around and sat at a vacant table for four.

I ordered my meal. While waiting, instead of fiddling with my handphone, I looked around, observing others.

On my left was this middle aged lady who had just finished her meal and was busy pouting her lips putting on lipstick. She was alone.

The table on her left was vacant.

Diagonically across my table, were this group of people (the whole family I assume) having a hearty lunch.

The table next to them (directly across where I was seated) was vacant.

Out of nowhere, a lady (form her looks, I'd say she's in her mid 30s) suddenly appeared before me.

"Mas, ada orang nggak?" she asked while pointing to the chair right across me.

"Nggak ada" I replied thinking that she would drag the chair and join the table where the big family was having their lunch.

Surprise! Surprise!

She sat herself at my table, right in front of me!!

Well... ok. Instantly I felt awkward and to disguise that awkwardness I reached for my handphone. Yela... takkan nak tenung pompuan tu plak kan?

She ordered a drink. Alamak... biar betul pompuan nih... takkan nak minum kat meja aku??

Apa masalah minah ni? Why didn't she sit at the vacant tables? A lot went through my mind. Was she trying to sell something or worse still, was she one of those "gores dan menang" lady? Ye la... baru je aritu kutuk Ms Talullah... mana tau it's bad karma.

Aku jadi paranoid.

"Mas menunggu teman ya?"

Oh no!!... she's trying to start a conversation. The next thing you know I might be scratching the Gores dan Menang card!!

I just shook my head. Malas nak kuar suara.

"Saya lagi nunggu teman. Saya kira mas lagi nunggu teman."

Pehal ngan ko nih? Ada aku tanya ke ko tunggu sapa? If she was really waiting for her friend as she had claimed, why did she choose to sit with a total stranger? Lelaki pulak tu. Why couldn't she just sat at an empty table by herself and minding her own business? Or if she really had wanted a company while waiting for her friend, why didn't she sit at the table next to mine where the middle aged lady was sitting all alone (and was still putting on her lipstick... lama benor pakei lipstick pompuan tua ni... besor benor le bibior tu).

From paranoid, I turned to feeling highly irritated. My meal was about to be served. I hate the idea of being watched and having a conversation with a total stranger while eating. I had to do something.

It crossed my mind to switch to take-away but WTF menyusahkan diri sendiri just because of this stranger.

"Mas sendirian?"

Bodoh ke bahlol pompuan ni. Tak nampak ke aku sorang kat situ before ko happily decided to sit at my table right across my face. With that, I snapped.

"Maaf ya. Saya lagi nggak mood untuk bicara" while holding up my right hand with the palm facing her. Dalam hati "speak to my hand weirdo!!"

She was startled.

"Oh OK. Saya kira mas lagi nunggu teman karena saya juga menunggu teman."

Pehal le ko nak ulang apa ko cakap tadi.I continued fiddling with my handphone while putting on an irritated face.

I think she got the message. She quickly finish up her drink and left.

My meal arrived. I finally get to enjoy my lunch, alone. God knows what the conversation might lead to had I allowed her to continue sitting at my table.

Bukannya nak jadi sombong tak tentu pasal, but hey, there are so many ordinary looking weirdos out there whose intentions you might never know.

Masa kecik2 dulu mak aku selalu pesan kalau tunggu bas kat depan sekolah tu jangan layan orang-orang yang kita tak kenal... funny how it is still valid even though aku dah tua2 mcm ni.


peanutbutter said...

mak aku..., the weirdos would run away from her. hehehe...

peanutbutter said...

check out afdlin shauki's blog...kelakar nak mampos babi tu siall...yang aku menyampah tu..muka si gemok YY tu ada pulak in one of his blogs...harrraaamm betul!!