29 November 2007

The Search For My New Abode

It's already approaching December, meaning I have to find a new place to reside within the next four weeks.

The contract for my current residence will end on 31st January 2008. How time flies. It seemed like not too long ago when I moved in there. I grew fond of the place. The well lanscaped gardens, the bamboo trees, the cascading waterfall, the friendly security staff and not forgetting the close proximity of the place to central Jakarta.

Well, one thing for sure, I won't be missing my new Korean neighbour. I said new because they had just moved in early September. The whole family have this extremely annoying habit of slamming hard every single time they shut the door and the iron grille. Ni bukan the kind of door slamming that we (well, I) normally do when we are late for something, but more like the door slamming after one had a heated argument with a lover (yang ini I don't normally do).

The door slamming lasted until last week.

Remember my diaorrhea?

It was an awful Sunday morning. I had spent the entire Saturday night waking every hour to relieve myself. Around 7 am (7 pagi hari Ahad!!!) there was this loud bang which came from my neighbour's unit. Someone from next door had apparently slammed shut the door again. It was so violent that my door was practically vibrating from the effect.

Feeling highly agitated I marched towards my unit's entrance hoping to find the idiot. Apparently he or she had left, probably at that time budak bangang tu was already at the elevator doors. Frustrated, I slammed my door hard (kononnya nak balas le). I was about to enter my bedroom when I heard voices coming from the neighbour's entrance.

This time I ran towards the door and upon opening it I saw a Korean girl in her mid-teens (the daughter kot) standing there staring at me with a confused look on her face (more like confused plus bangang look).

I was on auto-mencarut mode.

"WHY CAN'T YOU LEARN TO SHUT THE BLOODY DOOR GENTLY!!!! DON'T YOU BLOODY KOREANS HAVE DOORS IN F*C*ING KOREA???? and I slammed the door, this time twice as hard. Sial..... terlebih kuat le pulak. And no, I didn't actually say the second sentence... but I had wanted to since I was on auto-mencarut mode. Tapi tak kuar plak. Nanti sia2 je ada bouncer Korea datang ketuk pintu apartment aku. Baru padan muka aku. Remember the "GET BACK TO YOUR CAR!!!" incident???....

And since that fateful Sunday morning, I got my peace back.

So now, I am in the midst of looking for my new house and a cheap one too. Cheap because the company is on a cost-saving exercise. More like selective cost-saving to me. I feel that the whole damn cost-saving thing should be targeted more to the higher management. For starters, senior managers and above must travel on economy instead of the current business class. Banyak savings kat situ tuuuu...... the day my Tan Sri chairman travels on economy is the day Jaafar Onn turns straight. Memang takkan le tu.

Ok. My next al-cheapo dwelling should at least fullfill the requirements below:

A) Fully furnished. Boleh ke? Dah le suruh cari murah, fully furnished plak tu. I don't mind about the furniture because I have been planning to buy them here tapi gila hapa nak expect me to buy a fridge, TV and a washing machine.

B) Must be a landed property. Cukupla I've been traumatised from having to experience the earthquake twice. It'll be nice if the house has a small lawn. Or a nice water feature.... berangan.

C) The house must be in a nice and exclusive neighbourhood. Ni pun berangan lagi. Boleh ke dengan budget yang ciput? Ok, forget about exclusive... it should at least be in an area where security is not a problem. Aku dahle dok sorang, kalau ada yang merompak aku sapa nak tolong? Lontaran vokal aku memang lemah.

D) Zona bebas banjir (flood free zone). Aku tak pernah menyelamatkan diri naik bumbung rumah dan tak pernah diselamatkan naik perahu and I am not planning to experience it here, thank you.

E) Gorgeous looking neighbours. Takkan aku sorang je yang gorgeous kat situ. Enggang berkawan dengan enggang aja ok. Then I would buy a set of garden chairs so that my friends could come over and have cekodok or goreng pisang while feasting our eyes on the neighbours. Ok tak Ms Talullah?

There you have it. Tak le demanding sangat kan?Now I have to start browsing the internet for houses for rent.

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peanutbutter said...

ok sangat! meet requirements...esp on the peaceful eyes item...gorgeous people must stay around gorgeous people..:P

jgn lupa ambik gambor...

tak sabor nak ambush rumah baru ko nih..:D