25 November 2008

Obama's Visit to Jakarta

The Indonesian daily,Kompas, today front-paged the news on the phone call received by SBY from US president elect, Barack Husein Obama.

The call lasted about 5 minutes. It may seem short. But receiving a call from someone who will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America, every minute is priceless.

SBY invited Obama to visit Jakarta after the APEC summit in Singapore next year.

During the short conversation, Obama told SBY how he misses among other things, nasi goreng (fried rice) and bakso (meatball).

I can imagine, SBY summoning the presidential chef to cook up the best nasi goreng and bakso for the distinguished guest should he be able to make that visit next year.

Now, no prize for guessing what'll be on the menu for the state banquet:

  • Nasi Goreng USA,

and on the side, of course,

  • Baksobama


ruby ahmad said...

Hi gadhogadho,

Thanks for linking me.

Btw, I love Indonesian gadhogadho as they have kencur & lime leaves added unlike our M'sian recipe to give that unique 'never-will-I ever-get-bored' taste..he he.

What will be on the menu for the banquet? Oh of course Nasi goreng & bakso...kinda elementary innit...but I love answering nevertheless! Dapat terasa pandai..LOL!

Hey come drop me a line.

Gosh! How lovely to work in Jakarta. Great experience.

Kopi Malaysia said...

Baksobama?... Would really like to try it!

gadhogadho said...

Ruby - you're welcome. I love reading your blog. Yupp. Indonesian gadho-gadho is very, very tasty. During the first few months I was here, gadho-gadho was on my diet 4 times a week!

En. Aarif - I know what would be better. A copy of Abdul & The Coffee Theory perhaps? I'll be glad to courier it to you.