04 November 2008

Jalan Sabang

Jalan Sabang is located in central Jakarta. For easier guidance, it is the road behind Hotel Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta.

Jalan Sabang is famous for its restaurants and hawker stalls. The hawker stalls would only operate at night. They would occupy the wide footpaths along the entire stretch of the road.

At night, stalls, benches and tables would fill this footpath.

However, if you happen to pass by during daytime, there are plenty of restaurants you can choose from.

Personally, I've not tried the hawker stalls yet. I've dined at Natrabu and Garuda. Both are Padang restaurants.

Garuda Restaurant

When it comes to food, I'm not quite the adventurous type. I'm nowhere near Anthony Bourdain. Therefore I'm unable to recommend what's the best dish you must try at Jalan Sabang.

If you happen to be in Jakarta and yet to set foot here, do include Jalan Sabang in your itinerary. A word of advice - come at night. It's merrier.


Kopi Malaysia said...

Hi gadhogadho...

This reminds me of a "Padang" restaurant here in Subang Jaya called "Sabang". Good food, good location but poor business... I really miss their stuff!

gadhogadho said...

I got a feeling it must be due to the price of the food.

Anyway, if you come to Jkt, i recommend you to try Sederhana, Garuda or Natrabu.

Sederhana - delicious ayam goreng and lada hijo.

Garuda - out of this world rendang daging.