11 November 2008

Mangga Gedong Gincu

Just like in Bahasa Indonesia, mango is called mangga in Bahasa Malaysia. It is also popularly called mempelam in some states in Malaysia.

In the east coast state of Kelantan it is pronounced as pelae. So, when someone offers you pelae in Kelantan and not knowing what in the world a pelae is, my advice is don't turn to your trusted English-Malay dictionary. You'll find "bananas" instead.

Anyway, I took the pic above in a minimart nearby my residence. Though this variety of mango has a very odd name, they're deliciously sweet. However, they are smaller compared to the other varieties. The price is a lot cheaper if you get them in hypermarts.

Still on mangoes, the next time you're in Jakarta, do try the mango juice. They're really thick and sweet (unlike the diluted version you'd normally get at "gerai makan Siam" in KL).

But, I have to admit though, nothing beats the taste of a glass of Indonesian jus alpukat.


peanutbutter said...

creative gila depa cipta nama mango ni

KudaPutihYangPeramah said...


Kawan aku habaq..apa namaa..kat belah utagha diorg panggey buah peliaq..betui kaa? hehehehheheheh

Urang Awak said...

wei Abang,

mangga dan alpukat memang best lah!

btw, saya nih orang minang, di Sumatera Barat, kalau di kampung2 kita memang ada mempelam tuh, a slightly bigger variety with spot allover the skin lah.

gadhogadho said...

ian - boleh cakap bhs bengkahulu?

kudaputih - lawak shearer road. zaman bila sepol and ko were 20kg lighter... opppsss

Anonymous said...

just a note to the author, mango in kelantanese is not and never called 'pelae' but rather 'pauh'.


retno said...

jus alpukat dengan susu coklat... wah emang enak tuh... bicara mangga, pernah coba jenis mangga apel? bentuknya seperti buah apel, orang sering tertukar dengan mangga gedong gincu ini, tapi sepertinya sih beda...