27 November 2008

Free Baths, Anyone?

I had one of those days when I felt like screaming. Instead, all I could muster was just an insincere laugh.

You see, I went through the Lease Agreement for my serviced apartment. The agreement laid out all charges which a tenant has to bear :
  • Telephone
  • Electricity
  • Laundry
  • Mineral Water
  • Cooking Gas

The list was pretty normal. You pay for what you use or consume. Fair enough.

But then I noticed that water charges was missing. I flipped to the next page. And it read-

Water Supply - Water supply costs Rp300,000/month and will be invoiced monthly with additional 5% administration charge.

Rp300,000 is equivalent to RM88. I asked the serviced apartment's marketing executive why weren't they charging based on consumption.

"Udah management tetapkan begitu Pak". When you couldn't give an intelligent answer, do the next best thing - blame it on others. She would excel being a Malaysian cabinet minister.

"Mahal ya. Di rumah saya di Kuala Lumpur Rp300,000 bisa buat bayar bill air bagi tempoh empat bulan. Ada 5 orang dan setiap orang mandi paling kurang 2 kali sehari." Ok.. Didn't know how that blurted out from me but I needed something to point out that their water charges was exorbitant for a single person's consumption.

"Wahhh.. murah ya." And she giggled. Couldn't care less about the issue at hand.

And that was when I gave up on getting a decent answer and gave out an insincere laugh. You know the kind of laugh you give when someone just told you a stinking joke.

Since I'd be paying Rp315,000 (plus the 5% admin charge) for water every month, you bet I'd soak myself in the bathtub every other day. I'd force my guests to try the bathtub too.

My showers would be 10 minutes longer. Guests are encouraged to take a bath before leaving. Or soon after they arrive. Or both. I don't care. Bring your own shower gel. Hehe.

If I can have it my way, I'd purchase a long rubber hose and supply free water to the roadside stalls just outside the serviced apartment.

Or maybe I should get one of those jet spray thingy and start a roadside car wash business. Maybe that could cover not only my water bills but also my electricity and telephone charges.


PNS said...

"you bet I'd soak myself in the bathtub every other day. I'd force my guests to try the bathtub too"

Global Warming oii...global warming!! save your planet...hehem

peanutbutter said...

petang kang aku dtg, tompang mandi kat rumah ko. Bath tub tu..aku rendam kaki aku sampei besok pagi.

MBI said...

This confirms what my wife (Indonesian)often says, how lucky Malaysians are - cheaper and better petrol(RON 97, not 92), foodstuff (meat, durian almost all year round), roads and other infrastructures, public parks, internet, public health, etc, etc. Minus cabinet ministers the sort you mentioned, Malaysia would have been near perfect.

gadhogadho said...

PNS - selesai mandi, air dlm bathtub bisa di recycle.. nyuci baju kek, siram pohon kek, ato isi gallon.. :-)

PB - ko rendam kaki pastu bubuh ikan yg makan daki tu. boleh bukak spa!

MBI - But we dont have freedom of speech.

nosa said...

they way you put it..lawak syial..
anyway makin ramai le guest ko tahun depan since dah ada accommodation baru ni..

i know i who said...

aku le salah sorang guest tahun depan .... tiap2 tahun seyyy ... mcm takde tempat lain bole pegi ek

yazrie said...

wahhh..ada konsep2 flat rate ke kat sana??? mcm bil streamyx pulak kan?