17 April 2008

On The Verge Of Losing My Sanity

You are working your ass out in the office meeting deadlines. You call your colleague on his mobile to know his whereabout. He then said he'd call you back.

When he finally return your call, he nonchalantly say that he was having creambath (a popular scalp massage treatment). Not an ounce of guilt.

How would you feel?

Creambath is the latest addition to golf, massage and social meetings (which have nothing to do with the company's business).

Sometimes I wish I was back in KL. No. Most of the times I wish I was back in KL.


peanutbutter said...

i want my cream bath at itc kuningan. best gila & murhanjing sgt.

Anonymous said...

PB kan ke udah ko potong tangan nyew bawk bali mesia kan?


sakitpeyut said...

Bali = Balik

peanutbutter said...

yg potong tangan budak Ari kat plaza blok M tu.., aku udah screw balik tangannya pase ada lagi best & sgt murhanjingan kat itc kuningan itew..harus kita pegi nok, balik hari buat cream bath jew!!! :P