02 April 2008

Coterie Home, Kemang

For the past two months, I've been searching high and low for a single seater sofa which would nicely match my three seater.

I came across a few which were to-die-for but they were waaaayyyy beyond my tiny budget. On the other hand, there were many which were within my budget but the design was not to my liking.

Last Saturday, as I was having my weekly chocolate gellato dose in a nice cosy cafe in PIM 2 (bukan PIM-PIM yea), my eyes were drawn to a nice looking single seater sofa featured in a magazine that I picked up in the cafe.

That led me to Coterie Home in Kemang the next day.

As I entered the shop, the exact same sofa which I saw in the magazine the day earlier immediately caught my attention, in all its regal and splendour, nicely placed in a corner of the shop.

I called the store assistant and asked about the price. A big relief!!.. it's within budget.

Then I asked if there were two new ready-stock of the same sofa. The store assistant said that's the last piece left. I'd have to wait about a month for them to make a new one. However, the store assistant said, to my dissappointment, they ran out of the exact fabric which was on the displayed single seater. I'd have to choose another.

Later, the store assistant showed me several fabric cuttings for me to choose from. I spent almost 45 minutes looking through the samples and trying very hard to imagine if they would match my three seater sofa. I narrowed down my choice to five.

Sensing my exasperation, the store assistant told me to take home the fabric samples so that I could match them with my three seater.

Her offer caught me by surprise. A pleasant one of course.

Now, these fabric cuttings were not the size of your palm. It's almost a metre long!. I was not their regular customer, in fact, it was my first ever visit to the shop. I didn't arrive in a luxury limo and I was only dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans. And yet this nice store assistant allowed me to take home five fabric samples, each about a metre long! (I could make several cushion covers from those samples you know).

Chances of that happening in Malaysia? Zilch!! In Malaysia they would probably tell me "Lu kasi angkat gambar lu punya sofa la..." or "lu kasi angkat lu punya sofa mali sini" or worse still they would just ignore me or attend to me half heartedly. I've been in Malaysia long enough to know these probable scenarios ok.

So, back to Coterie Home. I was more than pleased to take home the fabric samples. And this made my task a whole lot easier.

I've chosen the fabric and made my order. I'd take delivery of my new single seater sofas early next month.

Thank you Coterie Home for the excellent service. Let's hope they don't screw up by delaying the delivery. Fingers crossed.....


peanutbutter said...

yeay!!! ada kerusi baru next mth! aku pulak yg gembira. apahal???

nama kedai ni kalo agak lucah jugek bunyiknya...

gadhogadho said...

betul sms ko semalam... sebutannya koteria

stevie said...

I pun rasa2 nak mengeblog la... how huh???

sakitpeyut said...

GG udah ditempah ke sofa iteww?