02 April 2008

I Got Nothing To Do Now.. So I Blog-lah

I was happy hopping in the bloggersphere when I found a blog maintained by a former Menteri Besar (I hope it's really him maintaining the blog and not his UMNO balacis).

I guess he has so much free time now that he is no longer the MB of Selangor that he decided to be a blogger (and also, probably, now he has more time to do facials... kulit kena maintain youuuu).

Now, I wonder what the intellectually-challenged Nazri Aziz and Zam have got to say about Dr Khir being a blogger.

Speaking of Zam, I'm so glad he lost in the GE and is no longer the Information Minister. You have done your fair share of humiliating Malaysia Zam. Go hibernate in a cave and never to come out until you die.

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