25 March 2008

I Beg Your Pardon...... JA-CARR What?

First of all, let me clarify that I have nothing against those whose first language is not English, who speaks English with American or British accent. You can speak in any accent you want for all I care.

What matters most to me is speaking with correct grammar.

I went to a school where most of my mates spoke in English. I remember there was this one particular guy, Noorhisham, who joined us in standard three. He had just returned to Malaysia after spending 6 years in the UK. I got to know later that his father was working with the Malaysian Embassy in London.

He spoke English with British accent.

Naturally, we were all in awe with his accent. Ye la.. zaman bebudak dulu kagum le kalo ada orang cakap omputih sebijik macam Mr Brown dalam cerita Mind Your Language tu.

But, inspite of being in the UK for 6 years and spoke the Queen's English, he spoke perfect Bahasa Malaysia as well.

Yesterday, I met an Indonesian guy who has a good command of the English language... with an accent... well I think to him it was American accent. Was I annoyed? Ermmm a bit... because I felt he was over doing the accent to the point it sounded neither American nor British.

But what irked me most was his pronuncation of Jakarta. His own capital city.

Guy with unknown accent (GWUA) : "So, how long have you been in JA-CARR-DHAA?"

Me : "Phuantek ayam betul sebutan ko" (dalam hati.. of course)

GWUA : "I live in West JA-CARR-DHAA, have you been there?"

Me : "Pehal ngan lidah ko ni Jawa ooiiii??" (again... dalam hati)

The word JA-CARR-DHAA was the single most irritating part of the whole conversation. I mean, you're a true blooded Javanese, couldn't you pronounce the name of your own city correctly? Why Americanise the pronunciation? Phuanteekkkk!!!

It's JA-KAR-TA...... one more time.... JA-KAR-TA!!!!



peanutbutter said...

org jenis mcm ni mmg aku pukiamak sgt. over sial. dia ingat cool sgt la tu..

gadhogadho said...

aku rasa nak sumbat mulut dia ngan tempe biar dia sedar dia tu jawa...

Anonymous said...

Suh dia sebut Zakar byk2 kali mesti pastu dia tau nak sebut Jakarta... tarik lidah dia cucuk dgn besi hantar kat bt caves