05 March 2008

Being Away

Last Saturday I received a call from my mum in KL.

She conveyed the good news that the latest addition to the family has arrived. My little bro's wife gave birth to a cute baby boy on 1st March 2008.

Hoorahh!! This brings my total nephew to three. Hope the next one would be a niece.

Another important event in the family and I wasn't arround to witness and share their joy. That's the part I hate most being far away.

Precious family moments without my presence.

I missed out watching my nephews grow into fine young boys. I missed out on my little bro's "akad nikah" ceremony. My dad's minor operation, I wasn't there. When my mum was going through a tough time recently, I wasn't there in person to comfort and support her.

I hope they'd forgive me for not being around. Believe me, not a single day passed without me thinking of the family I love in KL.

I cherish the times I go back home for a short holiday. On every single trip home, after being away for months, I noticed how age has caught up with my parents. How much taller my nephews have grown since I last saw them.

It's a sacrifice I have to make at this point of my career. But, it won't be long before I do go back for good.

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