30 March 2008

First Guests To My New Home - Entry Basi Part 1

Above is the pic of the first ever guests to my new home. A happy & loving couple who live in a house which resembles the castle one would find in a Disneyland theme park.

The couple are "orang2 kuat Petronas". If you want to be a Petronas station vendor, the husband is the guy to find. If you love (or hate) Petronas ads, then you have to thank the wife.

They are now performing Umrah.

To the Petronas couple, by the time you guys read this entry, you both must have already returned home safely from Umrah. Aku rasa aku tau salah satu doa korang kat sana... suruh Zack and Ijal kahwin cepat... betul tak?


.::EdDy BaNoD::. said...

miss ler sofa lorren ituh

peanutbutter said...

i think i'm the 1st person who unintentionally step on that sofa. suka hati je pijak.., lepas pijak..baru tanya tuan rumah boleh ke pijak ni?

gadhogadho said...

sampai hari ni aku masih lagi cari tanda air lior eddy masa dia tido atas sofa tu...

harus aku buat steam-cleaning sofa nihh..