24 March 2008

Relaxing & Peaceful Long Weekend

Apart from the Maulidur Rasul holiday on Thursday, Indonesia had another public holiday on Friday - Good Friday or Hari Raya Paskah, where Christians commemorate the death of "Jesus".

So, four long days all to myself. At first I wanted to travel to Jogjakarta but dropped the idea due to several reasons.

First of all, Air Asialan do not have a direct flight to Jogja from Jakarta. I'd have to get the flight to Solo and then travel by road to Jogja. Nahhhh.... too much hassle.

Secondly, there were other direct flights to Jogja but the price for a return ticket was exorbitant. Plus I was still to overcome my fears of flying with a local (Indonesian) airlines (no thanks to the media report on the standard of local airlines safety).

Then there was my last option. Travel by train. I just couldn't find the time to buy the ticket early since I was too wrapped up with work.

So, as fate would have it, I was stuck in Jakarta.

Nevertheless, I was able to have a complete rest. Four days of total bliss!!

I managed to trim the front lawn. Nasib baik le kecik. Penat mencangkung potong rumput ni. Neighbour2 aku siap pandang. Sure deme confuse aku ni tuan rumah ke orang gaji.

I finished reading Zaid Ibrahim's book. In retrospect, he had mentioned about the way to go for BN to face the just concluded GE. Well, if only Sleepy-Head had taken notice.

Also, managed to catch Tompi's performance at Grand Indonesia. Apart from Tompi, other artistes who performed were Ari and Bibus (all ex-Groovology). One thing I have to mention about watching live performances in Indonesia is the ever sporting audiences. They would happily sing along and dance to the beat. They really let their hair down.

Ohh... one more thing, thanks to Peanutbutter, I bought a juicer. Now, I have a new found hobby - to create a concoction of juice by mixing several types of fruits. Dah macam hantu buah pulak aku ni. Pantang nampak buah, terus beli.

I've also come to know that apples + watermelon + celery = yuksss!!! Oranges + grapes + lemon = heaven. Apples + celery + ginger = yummy!! Apples + lemon + carrots + grapes = next best thing to orgasm!.

The other next best thing to orgasm is Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice-cream. Tapi kat sini mahal nak mampus.

I'll be super-busy with lots of work for the coming two weeks. My CFO and the head of internal audit are paying a visit. A lot of numbers to crunch. A lot of convincing to do... ehh.. itu part boss aku.

Meanwhile, Ada Band will be performing at Planet Hollywood on 28th March. Wanna go?


Stevie said...

wauuuuuu....what a wonderful weekend you had... I jealous...

azuan, can you find out (kalo free la).... besides ada band on 28th March.... ada ape yg lain after that... maybe Marcell ke, Teringin gak nak tgk Rio Febrian and dll.....

peanutbutter said...

yezz...stevie has spoken...

aku pun baru nak tanya the same thing. watabout those people yg si stevie mentioned tu..

ada band cam boring sikit.

fyi stevie.., next mth marcell buat show kt kl. wil inform u guys if i get free tix to the show.

plumncomel said...

nak itut.. nak itut..

gadhogadho said...

tu ler... aku kena selalu pantau newspaper for their show...

PNC.. boley dtg.. kapan-kapan tepon ye.

yupp.. ada band tak byk lagu yg best.. tp si stevie ni kan lebih melayu daripada melayu.. so dia memang suka le..