12 May 2008

Gue Sibuk Banget

Dah bersawang blog aku ni yes??

My schedule has been super duper hectic the past couple of weeks. Bertambah uban kat kepala aku nih.

Ok. A bit of updates. The CFO and the head of internal audit from HQ were in Jakarta recently. In short, the CFO has instructed to extend my stay in Jakarta until end January 2009.

My reaction? Mixed, to be honest. A part of me wants to go back to Malaysia but then there's also the feeling of wanting to stay. Confused betul le.

Why do I want to be back in KL? Well, on top of the list, I miss my family, terribly. When I was assigned to this post back in Jan 2006, I was told that I would only be here until 31st January 2008. That information had been programmed in me. Whatever nonsense and challenges I faced here, I would console myself by saying - toughen up, it won't be long before you go back.

Now, I have to do a bit of "re-programming". I have to endure the challenges, whatever they may be, in whatever form, for another eight months. BUT, I have to also prepare myself should my CFO decide to extend my assignment beyond January 2009.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate living in Jakarta. I've grown fond of this megacity despite the glaring shortcomings it has compared to Kuala Lumpur. That's the other part of me that would be sad when the time comes for me to bid adieu to Jakarta.

Jamaluddin Mat, it is now confirmed that you and your entourage will have free accommodation in August. Lega tak?

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