19 May 2008

The Weirdest Payment Schedule Ever!

This morning, while having breakfast, I went through a draft contract from our client. Flipping through the pages, everything seemed fine. No discrepancies from our earlier agreement.

When I reached the Payment Schedule page and started to scrutinise the proposed schedule of payment, I almost choked on my beef risoles.

Kontrak apaan ini?

I read through the payment schedule again and again. I was not halucinating. The words were correct.

I don't think I'd be able to meet their demand. I'd have to send my staff to claim the 3rd and 4th payment.

We are the "Pihak Kedua". For the 3rd payment, I'd suggest my staff to take Viagra. But not for the 4th payment. Taking Viagra might cause further delay in getting our money.


peanutbutter said...

hahahaha...babis erection!

DragonflyInKuningan said...

and pls look what i snapped just now..either the channel scheduler biol or memang mcm ni kot..SCTV or RCTI kot if im not mistaken..hehehe