14 February 2008

Warung Apresiasi

After having dinner at Mbah Jingkrak we (Steve, Berty, Johan, Veri and moi) went to Warung Apresiasi which was just across the road.

By the way, Mbah Jingkrak is a nice restaurant serving delicious local cuisine. Very traditional ambience with not so traditional names on its menu.

Those who love extremely spicy dishes, I suggest ordering Ayam Iblis (loosely translated as devil's chicken).

For my drink, I tried Es Beras Kencur. It's actually a jamu concoction but not as strong as the original one. For seconds, I tried Es Jujur (sial je nama jus ni), coconut drink mixed with selasih, coconut flesh and lime.

After a hearty dinner, we went across to Warung Apresiasi (WA).

As I mentioned earlier, WA is a place for new bands to perform, showcasing their songs and music to the public. We were told by Berty that the now famous Ungu band had their humble beginnings there.

As you enter WA, you could see the stage located at the centre. Surrounding the stage are tables and chairs where you could sit and have your drink while enjoying the performances.

A band need only to pay a meagre Rp10,000 (that's roughly RM3.50) to perform!!

The night we were there, we sat through performances from three bands.

My personal take on them? Extraordinarily talented!!!... except maybe for the band from Kalimantan which I didn't particularly like their type of music.

I truly enjoyed the performance from the second band called Amadeous. The vocals of the lead singer could easily put established male band singers in Malaysia to shame. Betul... memang best deme ni... dah le sore bagus, they even write their own songs which immediately catches your heart. Lagu tak meleleh leleh macam kat Malaysia tu... yang boleh jadi macam ubat batuk kalo dengar.

Seriously, when it comes to music, Indonesians are a few rungs above Malaysia.

After the 3rd band performed, a famous singer (can't recall his name) who was in the audience, was asked to go on stage to perform.

He managed to get musicians among the crowd to play the drums and guitars there and then. Impromptu! And presto!!! He had a full band accompanying him. Senang je.

Aku nak jugak offer diri naik tapi harp takde la pulak kat atas tu. Kalo idak aku dah naik. Steve pulak reti main er-hu (ala.. yang macam gitar pompuan2 zaman Dinasti Cheng main tu).. tapi alat tu pun takde.

If you're in Jakarta, please do make a stop at Warung Apresiasi. It's located behind Blok M Plaza. No cover charge. Tapi kome order le ayor... jangan le duduk kat situ berjam-jam tapi tak order. Tu Kedekut Iblis namanyer... syaitonnn!! (buat gaya Ahmad Nisfu).

Ms Peanut & Dydy, I have included WA in your itinerary. We'll enjoy the music and feast our eyes. OK onnot?


peanutbutter said...

bring it on!!!! WA here I come! campor sekali dgn kak marie kwong dtg naik china airline lepas masak babi panggang untuk sominya.

steve, mana pulak la ko boleh si berty ni? steve dulu main angklung kot utk berty ni.

harp takde, kome jadi je le kak hab kat stage tiew..

peanutbutter said...

ypo..typo...tertinggal pulak satu perkataan...

steve, mana pulak la ko boleh kenal si berty ni? (lupa nak tulis 'kenal')

.::EdDy BaNoD::. said...

bakuteh ada juai??
maria kwong wai kong pasti berselera

Stevie said...

jangan lupe gi karaok yang vogue tu gak... pak azuan dan dapat contact number... jangan lupa buat booking....

and ada 1 hour gratis di inul gak... wahhhh... happening...

jangan terlupa Plaza Indonesia... Grand Hyatt's cafe kat tengah2 plaza indonesia....

peanutbutter said...

wajib...eh! ko tau ke perkataan wajib ni stevie?

anyway..don't you wanna tag along with us?

Anonymous said...

woi... bila kowang pegi ni.. aku nak gi gaks..


Stevie said...

Me???? Tag along with uolsssss???

Secret la..... huahahahahaha