19 February 2008

Moving Out

Moving out from a highrise apartment can be so tiring especially so when you do it all by yourself.

Luckily, it didn't involve large and heavy items such as furnitures. Nevertheless, it was still an exhausting task.

I began packing my stuff a few days before the scheduled moving out day. Everything neatly put into paper and plastic bags. I wanted to get cardboard boxes but as time didn't permit me to search for them, I settled for plastic and paper bags.

Below are the before and after pics.

The first group of guests to my Kintamani apartment were Mrs Peanutbutter, Mr Peanutbutter and Sakitpeyut. That was back in March 2006 when they were here for Javajazz.

The honour of being the final guests to my home in Kintamani went to Steve and Ashley.

In between these two groups, I received countless number of guests whom I had the pleasure of entertaining while they were in Jakarta.

After calling it home for exactly two years, I finally bade farewell to B-16-5 on 1st February 2008.

Some interesting facts on Kintamani Apartment and my stay there:
  • The apartment complex was completed in 1997.
  • Formerly, the land on which the apartment was built, was a moslem cemetary.
  • No, I didn't experience any ghost sightings.
  • There're one large pool for adults, one kids pool complete with water slide and a large outdoor jacuzzi.
  • I swam twice in the pool (adult pool, of course) in Nov. 2006 and in Nov. 2007.
  • The security guard would make rounds checking every unit, every night, at three hour intervals starting from 11pm (bertuah kalo pak guard kat Malaysia buat mcm ni).
  • Experienced 3 earthquake tremors, in July 2006, July 2007 and August 2007 (the strongest).
  • In the three intances above, I ran down the emergency stairs from the 16th floor to the ground floor in less than 3 minutes. The last one I ran bare-footed.
  • Ari Wibowo stayed in the same apartment block before he moved out in June 2006.
  • From July 2006 until the day I moved out, I was the only Malaysian staying in Kintamani.
  • Being the only Malaysian, most security guards know me by name.

Bila le gamaknya aku boleh merasa dok apartment macam ni lagi... hmmmmm....


peanutbutter said...

best apartment tanah kubor ni sebenarnya...:D

Anonymous said...

seronok kan PB..kita guest pertama GG... ermm sapa lg sorang tu erk? ala,.... yg ala dulu ciom molot tu.. huahahaha


gadhogadho said...

ada lagi sorang ke? ntahle... dark like shadow onli... tak berape perasan..