14 February 2008

First Studio Experience

Two nights ago I accompanied the taiko of TBLM Bank, Steve, who is on a looooonnggggg holiday here to meet up with his friend, Berty, at Jln Bangka, which is not too far away from Kemang.

Berty, is an aspiring singer. She invited us to the studio where she was doing vocal test for a couple of songs.

Well, actually, Berty gave us two options. First, to watch her doing the vocal test or second, to watch her boyfriend's futsal match. Since neither Steve nor myself have been to a recording studio, we unanimously went for the former.

And it was really, really, awesome.

Yogi and Miko (sound engineer)

When we got there, Berty was recording a song titled "Kini". A catchy upbeat number composed by a highly talented chap named Yogi, who was also present.

Being our first ever visit to a recording studio, we were both amazed at the equipment and the whole recording process. Seriously, we looked like a couple of orang hulu errr.... orang hulu Tanjung Sepat kot.

Steve buat2 pandai bagi instruction to Berty

Then Berty recorded a slow number. Another great song which would instantly make you humming to the melody. Again, composed by Yogi.

Guys, when Berty finally comes out with her first album, I strongly recommend you to get it. Steve has self-appointed himself as Berty's manager cum image consultant for Malaysia. Sukati ko je kan. Aku jadi Berty punya financial advisor pun takpe le.

That's Berty singing Kini

After the recording was over, they gathered at the living area. Yogi was strumming the guitar and the rest sang. Sore masing-masing punyale sedap giler. When they were singing More Than Words, I wanted to sing along but not wanting to menyumbangkan keharmonian vokal deme, aku nyanyi dalam perut je la... kang ada yang tetiba sawan & guling-guling atas lantai lepas dengar sore aku.

The next night, we went to Warung Apresiasi. It's a place for new bands to showcase their music. Another great night of entertainment. More on this in my next entry.

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