03 January 2008

Gloomy Skies

It's been raining everyday for the past three days.

The water level of the river in front of my apartment has risen and undoubtedly will overflow its' banks if the rain continues the next few days.

Gloomy. Reminds me of British weather.

I won't be seeing my boss for the whole of next week. He's off to the red dot on the map with his family for holidays. Wish I could go for a break too!!! Seriously, weeks after weeks of entertaining guests, I think it's about time I reward myself with a nice and peaceful time on my own.

Jogja? Kepulauan Seribu? Tanjung Lesung? Anyir?.... Hmmm.... I'll decide soon. But I think it's best if I go after I have settled in the new house.

Meanwhile, I got myself these two new reads for this month.

The first one is by Zaid Ibrahim. Bought it for Rp134,000. (approx RM50). In KL it is sold for RM30. But what the heck, it is not easy to get Malaysian books here and I bought it anyway.

The second book is a guide to living and working in Jakarta. I know, I know... I should have got this book when I first step my foot in Jakarta but I think by reading it now, I can relate more to the author's experiences.

I was trying my luck searching for Growing Up In Trengganu (GUiT) by Awang Goneng. But to no avail. Please, if any of you planning to come to Jakarta soon, could you be kind enough to get me a copy of GUiT.

I'll give you a hefty discount on accommodation :-)


peanutbutter said...

serious shit siallll buku.. :P hapy reading anyway.

i recommend the innocent man by john grisham..based on a true story. like the way the author wrote the book.

Stevie said...

I can do that... so to get special discount for accommodation

gadhogadho said...

pb : buku zaid tu je yg serious... yg satu lagi ringan.. kira balance le.

stevie : kat pondok indah mall pun dah takde 2nd album rio febrian tu.. susah benor nak carinya.

sakitpeyut said...

Should I recommend Shopaholic & Baby? few more pages to 'Khatam'.

Notty.Tomato said...

I suggest you get this book by Neil Strauss..The Game..ke you have it already? ;)

have a great weekend!

stevie said...

CD tu kalo ada tulun belikan je... tak de pun tak pe... tapi...whenever you go shopping tulun nengok nengokkan le....

Nanti I pi ... MILO nak berape?? hehhehehehe

gadhogadho said...

SP: buku tu akak talullah pun dah rekomen. budget bulan depan aku beli.

NT: The Game? what is it abt? Nanti aku recce kat Kino.

Steve : kalo boleh satu gudang Milo aku nak... boleh aku jual kat Malaysians kat sini

sakitpeyut said...

Sex & The City nak buat movie... nanti kuar aku nak nengok ler... shopaholic tak lak diorang buat movie.. nak email kat pompuan thew suruh dia buat movie lak...