16 January 2008

Soccer Coach

This afternoon, as I was heading to Pondok Indah Mall's foodcourt for lunch, the sight of a stunning bule (caucasion or mat salleh) lady caught my eyes.

She was speaking to a man (back facing me) and moments later she went down the escalator to the ground floor. The man then turned and walked toward my direction.

Hey... I know this guy.

I smiled, extended my right hand and introduced myself. He smiled and shook my hand with a firm handshake.

During the short conversation, I got to know that he's been in Indonesia for a year now. He's currently coaching the Pelita Jaya soccer club. I told him that I haven't had the chance to watch any local soccer clubs in action because I was afraid of the over enthusiastic (read : unruly and highly agressive) soccer fans.

He laughed and agreed with my statement (on the soccer fans). He then asked me how long have I been working in Indonesia to which I said two years and added that I loved it here.

I then said hello to his son and said thank you for his time and excused myself.

Here's a photo of me with the soccer coach.

I deliberately photoshopped the pic into B&W so that the crow's feet at the corner of my eyes would not look that obvious compared with that of the 46-year-old soccer coach... who.. errr... has none (sedih le... dia nampak lagi muda dpd aku).

Ohh... the stunningly beautiful caucasion lady was his wife.

If you want to know more about this soccer coach pls click the link below.



peanutbutter said...

seriously? 46? he doesn't look like 46. maintain je mukanya.

sakipeyut said...

ko tak tanya ke petua apa dia pakai.. mesti dia buat something dgn gigi dia.. nanti aku bagitau rahsia dia kat blog aku...tungguuuu...

gadhogadho said...

muka dia macam umur late 20s.... ngan body maintain lagi... idak mcm dollah salleh or zainal abidin yang udah macam maskot A&W sizenya.

AKu pun suspect dia buat something kat gigi dia... elok tersusun putih je... porcelain kot?

.::EdDy BaNoD::. said...

dia ni ex player s'pore kan?
yg aku taw bini dia chantek..
maitain ah...
x mcm azman adnan udah gopoer mat deris pimai pimai