18 May 2009

Typhoon and Dawn

No. I'm not talking about the weather condition or the time of day. It's about two personal trainers at Celebrity Fitness Fx.

You see, I've been frequenting the gym since 2000. At first, my goal was to achieve the so called ideal weight. With proper diet and a lot of cardio exercise (and I mean A LOT!!), I managed to achieve my goal within 6 months. Since then, going to the gym has been more of a routine in my schedule.

However, after almost 9 years, I felt that my motivation had, to some degree, decreased. I needed that extra push to keep my interest in fitness going.

Enter Taufan.

Taufan has a degree in law. But his passion is in fitness. That's why he decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

One interesting fact - back in 2007, Taufan won the L-Men competition.

I started engaging Taufan as my trainer early January 2009. Initially, I took up 24 training sessions with him. I jokingly told him that if at the end of the 24th session I do not have a six pack abs similar to his, I would demand for a refund.

Taufan is a very good and more importantly a patient trainer. Apalagi kalo dapat member macam aku. Bila datang mood malas, I would bargain the number of repetitions that I'm required to do.

Me : Berape?

Taufan: 15

Me : 12 tak boleh?

Taufan : 15

Me : Berat Fan. 12 aje la.

Taufan : Ya udah. 12. Kalo masih kuat, ampe 15.

Me : *dalam hati* Memang le aku buat sampai 12 je.

Sometimes he would lie. What was supposed to be 12 reps, sensing I still have the energy, he would increase at the last moment to 15. To which I would yell... Ko tipuu!!!!

Btw, Taufan is the only person with whom I speak in Bahasa Malaysia the most. Sebabnya, bila badan dah letih kena "siksa", aku malas nak translate my flow of thoughts to Bahasa Indonesia.

With him as my trainer, I managed to increase the weight in my lifts. He'd squeeze out every little ounce of energy left in my body. He'd make me lift weights which I thought was impossible before.

Because of him, I hate the word tempel. He'd yell (politely, of course),

Tempel!! Biar ampe nempel di udel!!


Bawah lagi, ampe nempel di dada!!!

Tempel sana sini situ sinun. Semua kena tempel.

Apart from the rigorous training sessions, he'd also give advice on proper diet. Pokoknya, he's the best trainer one could ask for.

Within 3 months under Taufan's guidance, I've succeeded in losing the excess fat on the sides of my waist. Believe me, I've tried so many years to get rid of those flabby sides but with little success.

Taufan is so good that I have increased my number of session to 60.

Above is a pic of Taufan with another Celebrity Fitness Fx trainer. Fajar. He too, is an excellent trainer judging from the number of members under his care.

I strongly recommend taking up personal training as this would make you feel motivated in your quest to achieving your goals.

Ohh... to the ladies out there, I have a little good news.

Both trainers are still single and available.


PNS said...

Asyiiik what a good news!

nisa said...

PT-nya seru amat, ganteng2!!
*meluncur ke FX*

.::EdDy BaNoD::. said...

ya tohan..kalu dia libas aku...melayang

mom2que said...

Oh my, with that rigorous training, it took you 3 months to lose the fat on your waist? I wonder with the occasional sit ups that I'm practising, how many years will it take to loose my baby fat then. Sigh.

I didnt see any trainers here as 'ganteng' as both of them, if they are, I would sign up at the earliest hehehe

panji said...

really really really want to go to fitness center and have some exercises, tapi godaan selalu menghalangi, hmfh

gadhogadho said...

Roid - i knew you'd jump with joy..

Nisa - FX kan udah jadi your second home. kalo di playback security cctv.. pasti km yg paling byk appear.. hehehe!

Eddy - melayang sampei ipoh le kome...

mom2que - sit ups won't help you lose the fat.. do cardio. fast walking on treadmill for 30 mins minimum should be good enough.

panji - godaan apa? cewek2 di gym? bukannya itu motivation?

peanutbutter said...

betui..betui...one to one training session mmg nampak resultnya. lepas ni ko balik kl...aku engage ko je le jd PT aku.

rima fauzi said...

duh.. mas masnya cakep2.. (blog owner juga ko hehehhe)
but seriously, I am impressed!! especially with the 'tempels' hahhhahhaa
let us know when you finally look like arnie, ok?

D'Rimba said...

wowwwwwwwwwww...berotot gempak tu....

Hua Hua said...

wah wah...ganteng sungguh semuanya..

Kurt Kuden said...

nak gi gym. tp aku tak disiplin. camne tuh.. arghh
perut berlipat2 smakin mgganas nih

gadhogadho said...

PB - boleh aja. aku udah tanya taufan on ko nyer fitness regimen.. nanti aku tepon.

Rima - OMG... i'm so honoured by your presence in my blog...

D'Rimba - allo! u Interior Designer ke? Kalo btul, boleh le mintak advice nanti.

Kuden - kebanyakan makan nasi gudeg kale..gpp... org muda gampang turun berat badan.