18 May 2009

New Glasses

Lately, I find driving at night to be quite a challenge.

My night vision has deteriorated. I need to squint my eyes to clearly see the objects ahead of me. Then, to make matter worse, the habit of a lot of drivers here who like to give out high beam headlights for no apparent reason constantly glares my vision.

"Makanya, harus rajin makan wortel. Jangan jus-nya aja di minum" said Taufan, my trainer.

"Emangnya kalo gue makan satu ladang wortel lho yakin mata gue bisa baik? Ini faktor usia-lah Fan".

Yupp. I'm attempting to embrace the process of aging.

You see, the last time I had my eyes tested was almost four years ago. I'm wholly dependent on contact lenses. I've been using them for almost 15 years.

So, last weekend, I went to Optik Melawai at Ambassador Mall.

When I relayed my intention on getting my eyes checked to the lady at the shop, she told me to take out my contacts and come back an hour later. This, according to the lady, was to allow my eyes to rest and to get a more accurate result from the test.

As instructed, I remove my contact lens. To kill the time, I wandered around ITC Kuningan and Ambasador Mall. Without wearing any aid, it surely caused a lot of discomfort.

Slightly over an hour later I went back to Optik Melawai.

Shortly afterwards, I received a text message from a fellow Malaysian who works here in Jakarta. It read,

"Aku lambai ko buat tak tau je. Kalo ada cewek cantik sebelah ko aku paham le. Ni jalan sendiri pun udah sombong macam artis Bollywood!!"

I immediately called him to explain.

Back to the eye test.

The test revealed that my vision remained the same which is -1.25 for both eyes. However, I decided to get a pair of new glasses anyway. I've been wearing contact lens for too long. I reckon, it would be better to alternate between contact and glasses.

Contacts for day use and glasses at night.

You see, I'm the type of person who don't even like wearing a wrist watch. So, a pair of glasses definitely needs some getting use to.

Lasik surgery has become cheaper compared to when it was newly introduced. But, it is still not cheap enough for me to call it affordable. So, until that day comes, I guess I will have to deal with the discomfort of having to wear glasses.

Mmmm.. I wonder why my night vision has been so bad lately. My current stock of contact lenses was given by a friend recently.

Maybe sebab aku belum bayar kot???


jojo said...

tanda - tanda .... umur sudah mencecah tuuuutttt......

panji said...

why don't you hire a driver?, it's easier, right?

peanutbutter said...

apa ke benda wortel tu? wartel aku tau le...

ribut topan le namanya ya...hahahaha

gadhogadho said...

jojo - ha'ah... angka depan tak lama lagi ganti ke digit baru..

Panji - kalo mau pakei driver gue harus naik kendaraan yang panjang - transjakarta

PB - wortel tu omputih kata carrot. nama je macam tu tapi orangnya tak ribut..

i know i who said...

ex-boss aku udah wat lasik surgery. aritu dia dtg dia tak citer ek ..?

evie's world said...

hehe...no wonder pandanganmu kabur..ur friend keep practising his mantra...bila la mamat ni nak bayar....