03 February 2009

Time To Catch My Breath

Before I begin, to Roid, gue bakal kerjain tag lho. Tunggu aja.

It's been quite an awesome 3 weeks.

It began with the arrival of Peanut Butter and friends. Their visit, which had been planned since June 2008, was supposed to be their last visit before I leave Jakarta for good.

PeanutButter holds the record of having stayed at all four of my residences in Jakarta. Something which even my own mother couldn't match. Hehehe.

Then, the famous Malaysian female blogger, Redmummy, came with her husband and their two adorable, camera savvy kids. It was their first ever trip to Jakarta.

Redmummy is my neighbour in KL. Thanks Red and family for the makan2 , for the Srikaya (which by the way is running out fast.. hehe!) and for the HRC polo shirt.

Then, it was 3 days of meeting and entertaining four big bosses from HQ. Eventually, two of them decided to extend their stay for another 3 days.

The day the two big bosses left for KL on Sunday, I hadn't even packed for the move to the new house!!

And it was a long night indeed. Managed to get everything done by 3 am by which time I had only 4 hours to sleep before the movers came the next day.

Aditya Serviced Apartments. Wonderful 2 months stay. Highly recommended!!!!

Then, it was unpack! unpack! unpack!!!

By Monday evening, I was totally drained. And that night I slept like a log.

Haiya... why la this entry sounds like homework karangan Bahasa Inggeris darjah 5 biru?

Gue bener2 capek. Waktunya untuk pijat!!!!


yazrie said...

Semalam pi urut refleksologi kaki dan badan..2 jam!! hambik ko..!! Tapi still tak puas lah...Opsss

Roid said...

So when will korang move to KL?i think we must have karaoke time la before u move.any pijat place u can recommend to me?no plus plus like u usually have ya..

luke! said...

wah samaan dong! moving out-moving in ya! saya jg mo moving out dari tempat kos sy selama 9 tahun terakhir.

tapi kayaknya saya gak bakalan se-capek itu deh. i have less things to bring with me, i will have the rest sent to my sister's house upnorth....hehehe.....

Kurt Kuden said...

kak red!! waaaaaa... best gile duk apartment.. nak kluar dr kos la haha

Redmummy said...

ha kau kuden
baru nak bercakap ye
aritu akak tanya
kamu dendiam je kan


bila ko nak balik kl
opsss maap pak host
gampang ku borak di sini sama kuden

Kurt Kuden said...

kak red tanye saye ke kak bile balik KL?

saya duk trg la kak.. eh tapi betul gak tu,, nak blk trg kene lalu KL lu

rindunye zaman2 BKS... ;)

p/s saya slalu tau singgah blog kak red.. cuma tak bersuara je hheehe

gadhogadho said...

Yaz - tome keje ke pi urut? hehe

Roid - lho bakalan menyesal kalo ajak gue karaoke. soalnya vocal gue sangat enak... sangat enak kalo diam...

Luke - 9 years? I can imagine the amount of stuff to pack..

Kuden and red - takpe. borakle..silale makan kuih kat atas meja tu.. aku nak pi buat air jap.. hehe

yazrie said...

Keje2 jugekk...Urut tu kene lah jugeekkk....Heheheheheheheheheh

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