15 February 2009

All's Well!!

Last week started off pretty bad for me. However, the situation took a 360 turn and everything seemed to work in my favour. Alhamdulillah.

The process to unblock my BCA ATM card was done in a jiffy! I went to the branch at Jl. Metro Pdk Indah and was pleasantly surprised by the fast and efficient service rendered by a Mbak Fatma.

The trash problem has been resolved. Last night, I was snapping photos of my 3-day's pile of uncollected garbage (which btw, have been ripped open by the "pemulung"). My intention was to snap daily photo of the garbage and attach them in my complain letter to the Pak RT.

A security personnel, Sofyan, who was passing by at the time saw my "photoshoot" with the garbage as my main "talent". I explained to him what my problem was. I also showed him the 6 bags of dried leaves - uncollected since the day I moved in two weeks ago.

Actually, I was planning to dump them into the nearby river. I asked Sofyan on how to get rid of the garden waste. He said he'll see to it that all garbage, be it kitchen or garden, are collected tomorrow.

This morning, I looked out my window. Sofyan kept his words. I will vote for him as the new Pak RT anytime!!

Still on my new residence.

To reach my house, the shorter alternative route is down Jln. Kartika Utama. That is, unfortunately (for me), where Inul's house is.

You see, taxi is my main mode of transportation. In the last week alone, on four occasions, I've been asked by the taxi drivers the exact same question each time we passed by Inul's house.

The normal enquiry would be as follow-

Taxi Driver : Mas, ini rumahnya Inul ya? (in a slightly excited kinda tone)

Me : Ya, mas. Ini rumah Inul. (in a very, very flat, emotionless tone)

However, there was this one cab driver who had to ask more.

Taxi Driver : Dari luar kelihatan sepi ya mas rumahnya Inul. Kayak gak ada penghuni aja.

Me : hmm...... (still thinking of an approriate response... but I wanted to say... lho pikir mau meriah kayak pesta dangdutan??)

TD : Katanya Inul lagi hamil ya mas??

Me : Iya sih. Infotainment kabarin gitu. Lagi hamil anak pertama ( as Inul did not personally inform me of her pregnancy, I had to quote a highly reliable source).

TD : Iya. Katanya bayi tabung uji. Gimana ya mas bayi tabung uji itu?

Me : hmmmm... (thinking of an answer. Flashed back 19 years in time - in the chemistry lab, the last year I held a test tube)

TD : Mas, apa bayi itu dari Mas Adam??

Ok. Here was a taxi driver who is defininately in the wrong profession. He should be writing for a tabloid!!

Me : Kalo bukan dari Mas Adam, dari sapa?? (I wanted soo badly to add .... dari lho???)

TD: Gak tau. Saya gak ngerti proses hamil tabung uji.

Me : Belok kiri di depan itu ya mas (The only thing I could come out with to cut short the conversation)..

Now, I wish Inul would put up a big illumanted sign with the words, in capital, bold, letters...

"Ini Rumah Inul".

That ought to spare me from getting the same question, over and over again.


luke! said...

as they say,"the night is darkest just before dawn." you had your darkest night of the week, so it's time the dawn came.


Kurt Kuden said...

Rumah marcella zalianty dekat tak? hehehe

MiD said...

emmm..entry yg blh buat aku ketawa di mlm ari

jojo said...

aiyoooo... tunjuk ler semangat kejiranan sikit...hehehehe...

got a suggestion.. why dont u knock on Inul's door and introduce urself...have a coffee or two.. who knows she might teach u how to 'gelek sih'..... ( i cant imagine u doing it...hahahahaha)

PNS said...

Hahaha...u're funny...muah...

nosa said...

always entertaining...hehe..

nisa said...


lucky you, there was no taxi driver popping up a question :

"kira2 mas Adam pernah kepikiran untuk cukur kumisnya gak ya?"

Leez said...

mas..nanti ghue ke jakarta...ditunjuk rumahnya Inul yach!!!

gadhogadho said...

Luke - hidup ibarat putaran roda... hehehe!!

Kuden - bukan dia dah pindah kat kost dalam balai polis ke?

Mid - thx mid

JoJo - nanti dia ingat aku mintak sumbangan mesjid plak

Roid - udah beli ginko?

Nosa - u masuk grup dtg jkt ke?

Nisa - hehehe... ato kumis mas adam asli ato bukan?

Leez - aku tak operate celebrity house tour yea.. aku rasa ko lg advance.. umah ahmad dhani pun aku lum pernah tgk .. si toyo dah bawak ko gi kan??

nosa said...

grup gi jakarta i tk join this year..rasa nak kirim rambut palsu je :-)

cikmin said...

salam gadho2...i pun just pass by rumah inul..lupa lak nak tanyer bapak sulis...rumah u yg mana...

Red said...


aku terkenang kenangan di depan rumah Inul bang...

sib baik le aku tak tanya cam pak taksi tu tanya ko

ada gak lam hati 'redmummy ni aku tempeleng gak kang, ko ingat aku laki inul!'

Eki Akhwan said...

Seee ... ;D

Anonymous said...


Gelak lah baca your postings, there
is this love hate relationship with
things here kan?

inderjeet - resident pondok indah

gadhogadho said...

Red - hehehe... sib baik u tak suruh si sulis berhenti nak amik gambo ngan minah yg menyapu kat balcony rumah inul hari tu.... sblm i bising sure sirman yang dulu dah buat muka.. hehehe

Eki - I took ur advise to be more positive.. and everything seemed to be working allrite.. the point is to take a deep breath and dont let emotions take control.

Hi Inderjeet! - wah!! a pdk indah neighbour.. we should meet up for a cuppa... yes. I truly agree. love and hate relationship. but somehow the love always overpower the hate. hope it's the same with u. hw long hv u been in jkt?

Anonymous said...


I have been here 4 yrs already,
dah nak balik, waiting for posting,
ikut suami lah. Bolih lah teh tarik, bilang aje dong, nanti i siapkan tosei n curry. am staying
the same row with RSPI.