02 July 2008


I've been sick. Very, very sick.

I was down with a vicious throat infection. Which led to a high fever. Which led to a severe headache. Which led to an aching body.

Five nights in a row I had difficulty sleeping. The moment I lie down in bed at night, the coughing starts. I even had to resort to sleeping in a seated position. Memang seksa nak mampos.

The fever began on Friday night and by Monday I was on my first visit to the doctor. I was shivering like hell. Blood sample was taken. Negative for denggue.

The doctor asked me to continue taking panadol and precsribed me with antibiotics. And pills for the cough which according to the doctor would not cause drowsiness.

Bloody hell. I need something for my cough which would help me sleep!! By night time, I was cursing the doctor. I couldnt sleep at all. The coughing got worse and my throat was burning.

I managed to sleep a couple of hours before waking up at 6am. On Tuesday, the fever subsided but came back later that night. The cough wasn't getting less either. My throat was so painful that I had to grab hold of something to endure the pain each time I swallow.

By Wednesday, I went to the doctor again. This time around, I was referred to an ENT specialist who did a rhinoscopy. The first time ever I could see the insides of my throat and down my nostrils. It wasn't a pretty sight for sure.

The ENT doctor spoke in medical term. I was too tired to try to comprehend. ..

The doctor precsribed a new course of antibiotics together with a host of other medicines.

By Thursday, I was feeling a bit better. Still weak though. But there was improvement. The next day, the fever was gone and the throat was a lot better. My body wasn't aching anymore.

I wouldn't want to go through what I went through last week again. Cukupla sekali ni demam teruk. Sengsorang pulak tu. Is this a glimpse of my old days? Tak kot, sebab masa tu ada Jamaluddin Mat atas kerusi roda kat sebelah bilik aku. Silap2 Sepol pun ada sebab kena buang dengan family dia... Hamidah dah bedridden sebab gemuk sangat. And Peanutbutter pun ada buatkan bubur untuk kitaorang. We look after each other naa??

Anyway, what la is happening to Malaysian politics? The whole scenario is more likely to happen in a faraway country in Africa. But Malaysia???

We have a PM who's unable to think for himself and seeks the advice of his son-in-law. Then we have a DPM who's very scared of the wife (I saw her being interviewed, is she on botox overdose??).... Not forgetting the clowns by the name of Shahrir Samad, Nazri Ismail, Shabeery Chik and others in the cabinet....

And the sodomy charges against DSAI... tolongle... be more original occay!!! To Tan Sri Musa Hassan, should you need a matress to be carried to the court as evidence, please do come to my house in Taman Cempaka. Tapi bila dah amik tilam aku tu, ko replace le ngan tilam Vono akak Ziana. Kesian kan kat ko, bapak mengajar ngaji, tapi dapat anak macam ko!!


peanutbutter said...

one most important thing dat u didn't highlight here...pasal sakit ni si gadho2 dah quit smoking!!!! yeayyyyyy!!! clap..clap..clap...yang lelain tu tak nak ikut ke jejak langkah?

Anonymous said...

aku taknak le propah kan... takot le kalo2 start balik. tapi hopefully idak le kan. coz i feel a lot healthier now. bibior pun dah merah dah ni.