10 June 2008

Taman Bunga Nusantara

Picking up from where I left in my previous entry...

So, without any pre-determined destination, we continued our ascend up to Puncak until we saw a huge billboard of Taman Bunga Nusantara (Nusantara Park).

Unanimously, we agreed to check out the Taman Bunga.

The park was huge. There were trains (they were actually modified pick-up trucks) provided for visitors to move about within the park, but we decided to explore the whole area on foot. Furthermore, the air was cool and it was a better way to enjoy the scenery.

Naturally, the most ethusiastic among us was my father. Suka benor dia. Sampeikan nak amik anak pokok bawak balik.

Some areas of the park reminded me of the park along Portsmouth's Southsea during spring. Ala... tempat favorit Jamaluddin Mat and Zaharah menenangkan perasaan dolu. Ina.. ko tak pergi taman bunga kat Southsea kan?... sebab ko memanjang terperuk dalam bilik study sambil masak maggi mee guna microwave Argos.

Anyway, we left the park after a couple of hours and headed to a restaurant called Rindu Alam situated on the hillside which offered magnificent views of the tea plantations. The food, unfortunately was so-so.

Then, came our worst nightmare. The "macet" while we were descending from Puncak. It took us two hours to reach the foothill. The traffic was really bad. The cause? Three bloody tourist buses parking indiscrimanately by the road side blocking half of the lane. Phuantekk sangat!! What irked us more was, a mere 10 metres from where these buses were parked was this huge parking area where they could have parked their buses without disrupting the traffic flow.

What can I say but some people were born stupid!! In this case three bus drivers who, rather than being bus drivers, should have been placed along with the animals in the safari for they have the same IQs.

On another note, I'll be moving out from my Pondok Indah home soon. I'll be occupying an apartment in Permata Hijau. I hate it there but this was the instruction given by my CFO. I'll be sharing this apartment with another staff from KL, temporarily. Well, that's what my CFO said, I'll be placed there during the "transition period". But then, knowing how they are, TEMPORARILY could well mean permanently. Sedih la macam ni.

The apartment is nice, huge and has its own private lift but then I would not have my privacy. The guy I'll be sharing the apartment with is a nice guy, but then I need my own space. Hopefully this transition period won't last more than two months.

Otherwise, my mental well-being would be seriously affected.


peanutbutter said...

as you are going to have a private lift...duduk je le dlm lift tu. gampiang kan...

kitorang kat sini pun akan berdoa sama2 that this will be a temp measure. kalo tak aku carik cfo ko kat kl ni.

Anonymous said...

tu le... apt tu ada shopping complex gampiang accross the street.. kat bawah pun ada shopping complex tapi ala2 hidup segan tak mau mampos...


Taman Bunga Nusantara said...

Taman Bunga Nusantara is a really wonderful place. We've visited it several times, and can't wait to get back!